San Diego State University Herbarium (SDSU)

Herbarium Associated Projects

The SDSU plant collections primarily assist students and faculty of the University with research projects and teaching needs.
Many of the projects include phylogenetic analysis of plant taxa, ecological studies of habitats and plant communities, comparative floristic work in southern California, and plant taxonomic studies. The herbarium is also available for use by students from other universities, individuals from government agencies and environmental consulting firms, and the general public.

A major, ongoing project is the Checklist of the Vascular Plants of San Diego County. This work is in collaboration with Dr. Jon Rebman of the Botany Department at the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Other projects have included floristic surveys of Mission Trails Regional Park, the SDSU Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve,
Palomar Mountain State Park, Point Loma, and systematic studies of the genera Calyptridium, Cryptantha, Fritillaria, and Pogogyne.

Recent Publications with Cited Specimens from the SDSU Herbarium:

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