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Special Collections

We have accumulated, and continue to add to, collections of the subtribe Amsinckiinae of the Boraginaceae, including the genera Amsinckia, Cryptantha, Eremocarya, Greeneocharis, Oreocarya, Pectocarya, and Plagiobothrys.

Limited collections from Australia serve as vouchers for research studies of the family Haemodoraceae.

Chile and Argentina
We have begun a collection of plants from Chile and Argentina, associated with our work on the Amsinckiinae (Amsinckia, Cryptantha, Pectocarya, Plagiobothrys) in South America.

Mission Trails Regional Park
A collection of plant specimens from Mission Trails Regional Park in southern San Diego County. The collection is being actively used and serves as vouchers for a checklist of the region. Additional specimens are being added each year by students in the course Taxonomy of California Plants.

Palomar Mountain
A collection of over 900 plant specimens from Palomar Mountain and Palomar Mountain State Park, resulting from
the floristic project by Robert Lauri (M.S., San Diego State University, 2004).

Point Loma
This collection contains over 300 plant specimens from Cabrillo National Monument and from an ongoing study of the Naval Training Center of Point Loma, San Diego County. Rare plants such as Ceanothus verrucosus, Chorizanthe orcuttiana, and Mucronea californica are contained within the collection.

Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve
Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve is an SDSU field station that is situated in southwestern Riverside County and a small protion of northern San Diego County. The collection contains over 430 plant specimens.

South Pacific Islands – Tonga and Fiji
These serve as voucher specimens for ecological studies conducted by Dr. Janet Franklin.