Roberta Gottlieb
Roberta Gottlieb
Gottlieb Lab
Chengqun Huang, Hua Julie Yuan, Rick Sayen, Cynthia Perry Garza, Grant Madigan, Roberta Gottlieb

Roberta Gottlieb, M.D.

Research Professor
Frederick G. Henry Chair in Life Sciences


The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; B.A. 1980; Natural Science
The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD; M.D. 1984; Medicine


1984-87 Residency in Pediatrics, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX

1987-90 Fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, U.T. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Preceptor: William J. Lennarz, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Co-preceptor: Eugenie S. Kleinerman, M.D., Department of Cell Biology

1990-92 Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California San Diego School of Medicine, San Diego, CA
Preceptor: Michael Karin, Ph.D., Department of Pharmacology

1993-94 Postdoctoral Fellowship, The Scripps Research Institute. Preceptor: Bernard M. Babior, M.D., Ph.D. Dept Molec. & Exp. Med., Co-preceptor: Robert L. Engler, ACOS Research, V.A. Med. Ctr, La Jolla, CA

1994-95 Senior Research Associate, Dept Molec. & Exp. Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

1994-99 Research Biochemist, Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Diego, CA

1995-96 Assistant Member, Dept Molec.& Exp. Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

1997-2003 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA

2003-present Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA

1996-2006 Associate Professor, Dept Molec. & Exp. Medicine, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

2007-present Professor of Biology and Director of the BioScience Center, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA; Frederick G. Henry Chair in the Life Sciences

2005-present President and Founder, Radical Therapeutix, Inc.

Board Certifications

American Board of Pediatrics, June 1988

American Board of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, June 1990 (recertified June 1996)

Honors and Awards

1991-93 Physician Postdoctoral Fellowship, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

1994-95 Minority Scientist Development Award, American Heart Association

1997 American Society of Hematology Junior Faculty Scholar Award

1997 Pew Scholar's Program in the Biomedical Sciences

2001 Fellow of the American Heart Association

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Research Support


1 R01 AG021568-06 • (Gottlieb) • 08/01/03-07/31/09 (no cost-extension) • NIH/NIA
Bid-mediated Cytochrome c Release from Mitochondria
The major goal(s) of this project: 1) assess effect of BH3 proteins on cardiolipin; 2) assess effect of BH3 proteins on interaction between cytochrome c and electron transfer complexes; and 3) assess effect of Bcl-2 and Bcl-xL on BH3-mediated events.

1 P01 HL085577-01 • (Sussman) • 07/01/06-06/30/11 • NIH/NHLBI
Protecting Myocardium by Enhancing Mitochondrial Integrity
The major goals of this project: 1) Establish whether autophagy is protective or deleterious in I/R; 2) identify triggers of autophagy; 3) delineate roles of Akt/AMPK, mTOR; 4) evaluate autophagy in post-infarct remodeling and hypertrophy.

5 R01AG033283 • (Gottlieb) • 03/15/08 - 02/28/13 • NIH/NIA
Subcellular Regulation of Autophagic Flux in Cardiomyocytes and the Heart
The major goals of this project: 1) Develop methods to measure organelle-selective autophagic flux; 2) Examine the role of Bcl-2 family members in regulating autophagy; 3) Assess mitochondrial fission and fusion in relation to autophagy; 4) evaluate autophagy in vivo in the context of the cardiac response to bacterial endotoxin.

5R01HL060590-12 • (Gottlieb) • 09/01/98 - 05/31/12 • NIH/NHLBI
Rescue and Role of Complex I in Myocardial Ischemic Injury
The goal of this project is to assess the roles of Bid, Bax, and p38MAPK in the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (MPTP); to assess the potential role of Complex I in the MPTP; to determine whether (and how) cyclophilin D regulates Complex I; and to assess the cardioprotective potential of recombinant tat-Ndi1.

1R01HL092136-01A1 • (Gottlieb/Gustafsson) • 12/19/08 - 11/30/13 • NIH/NHLBI
Juvenile Mouse Model of Delayed Anthracycline Cardiotoxicity
The major goals of this project are to 1) Characterize functional, structural, and cellular alterations in a mouse model of pediatric anthracycline exposure late onset cardiotoxicity, 2) Evaluate the effects of doxorubicin on the cardiac stem cell (CSC) population, 3) Elucidate effects of doxorubicin on bone marrow-derived stem cells (BMSC) in cardiac repair, and 4) Investigate therapeutic potential of stem cell engraftment to prevent late-onset cardiotoxicity.


1 R01 HL71091-01A2 • (Gottlieb) 12/01/03-11/30/08 • (no-cost extension) • NIH/NHLBI
Cytochrome P450 in Reperfusion Injury
The major goals of this project: 1) Characterize efficacy of sulfaphenazole in cardioprotection; 2) Characterize the mechanism of cardioprotection by sulfaphenazole; 3) Survey the roles of CYP in cardiac dysfunction and apoptosis.