San Diego State University Herbarium (SDSU)

Honors 113, "Sage and Sweat, the Drawn and Researched Walk" uses the SDSU Herbarium!
taught by Eva Struble, Associate Professor of Painting and Print Making, SDSU

Class Description:
How does our physical experience of place change the way we understand its botany, politics, and represented image? How can we respond to knowledge of the multifaceted landscape as artists? In this course we will take a handful of easy to moderate walks and hikes, independently, over the semester and connect about these experiences through Zoom and Canvas online platforms. Learning about the ethnobotany of plants of the San Diego region (and/or your home region), as well as some politics, history and geology of our region’s landscape, this information will guide us as we learn to make drawings in relation to our excursions. Students at all levels of art experience from absolute beginner are encouraged to join, and our drawings will reflect both macro and micro experiences of our walks. We will learn about artists making work relating to landscape from multiple perspectives, and as our work progresses, students may choose to make works responding to landscape that stretch commonly held definitions of drawing. Students with mobility needs can consider suggested paved trails and/or contact me with specific accommodation needs. Specific hikes will be suggested in the San Diego area, but students may choose their own, including those in urban environments, and those in other geographic regions.

Class Exercise, using SDSU Herbarium specimens: 16 March 2022: