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The Center for Energy Studies (CES) was founded in 1981 to facilitate, promote and support research and academic programs relating to the study of energy and its impact on society. Particular emphasis has been placed on issues of concern to the San Diego region, including the border region with Mexico. The Center provides a forum for faculty, students and researchers from different disciplines to cooperate in the study of matters relating to the technical, economic and environmental aspects of energy use. The Director is Dr. Alan Sweedler.

Energy Minor

The CES coordinates the minor in energy studies offered at SDSU. This is an interdisciplinary minor that exposes students to a variety of topics in energy technology and policy. It is intended for students who seek professional careers in energy-related fields.

Energy Collection

The CES has helped develop an extensive collection of energy-related resources in the University Library. Approximately 5,000 books and documents and 30 journals comprise SDSU energy-related holdings. The collection material includes material relating to energy matters of the San Diego and Southwest region as well as material on energy economics, policy and legislation, photovolatics, geothermal, biomass and other energy technologies.

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