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Gabriel Vahi-Ferguson

Empirical Derivation of Keq From DNA and Peptide Interactions

Gabriel Vahi-Ferguson§, Marc Rideout§, Anca Segall§, and Peter Salamon%.

Department of Biology§ and Department of Mathematics and Statistics%, San Diego State University

Proteins, along with polysaccharides and nucleic acids, control and direct every action a cell performs. Each protein has a different function to accomplish. A particular peptide that has stood out for its ability to block DNA repair has the amino acid sequence WRWYCR. The reason why this study is taking place is because sometimes the DNA makes mistakes and the repair that is taking place is not needed. When that happens, WRWYCR becomes useful and blocks the unnecessary repair that would otherwise automatically take place. My goal in this experiment is to find an equilibrium constant (Keq) to the measured data. Further, I hope to fit a line of best fit to the points recorded which are recorded in terms of the quenching of fluorescence and the concentration of the small molecule. To accomplish this, I will use basic equations used to describe a reaction and, through this means, I will determine the constant of equilibrium.