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Planned New Emphasis Programs: Quantitative Biology, Bioinformatics, and Biomathematics

Three departments in the College of Sciences at San Diego State University plan on adding emphases combining biology, mathematics and computer science. Depending on the department these emphases will be called Quantitative Biology, Biomathematics, or Bioinformatics. The surge of interest is due to modern biology's ability to collect data exceeding its ability to analyze that data. There is a need for trained researchers to help make sense of it all (either by understanding & applying published techniques, or by working with a team of researchers to create and implement new techniques).

These are very practical emphases, and will serve you well even if you are unsure about becoming a researcher, because the need for someone to "digest data" isn't limited to scientific research -- businesses and government now generate incredible amounts of data that need to be simplified and analyzed before they can be used for business decisions.

To get the new emphasis started off on the right foot, the same professors that will teach future interdisciplinary students will also teach you individually, and work with you side-by-side. Links to the research programs of the possible faculty mentors for the program can be found by clicking the Faculty Mentors link on the left.

The requirements for adding the emphasis are agreeing to take six classes as electives, and doing research for three semesters (which will count as taking an upper division course, and for which we will pay you $1,700 per semester for a total of $5,100). Additionally, having interdisciplinary training, and research experience on your resume (and a personal letter of introduction from the professor you did that research with) is a very valuable thing on your job and grad school applications.Professional schools like it too.

If you feel that you are up to the task, please fill out the application by clicking the Apply Online link on the left. We are actively looking for qualified students.

Funding for the pilot Undergraduate Biomathematics Program is provided by the National Science Foundation, award #0827278 to Drs. Anca Segall, Professor of Molecular Biology and Peter Salamon, Professor of Applied Mathematics.