Kris Stewart (Kris Beard / Wendy Beard) timeline

started as Palm file - kris timeline part1 '51-'92iniki
0jan51 born camp pendleton hospital life/computing/clapton/disney/MS/DouglasAdams
My Heros and references to their works: Douglas Adams A Brief Timeline Walt Disney (1901-1966) Co 2005 Ken Polsson
Dec '37 SnowWhite first (feb '38 theaters) Pinocchio (1940) Fantasia (1940) The Reluctant Dragon (1941) Dumbo (1941) Bambi (1942) Saludos Amigos (1943) Victory Through Air Power (1943) Three Caballeros (1945) Make Mine Music (1946) Song of the South (1946) Fun and Fancy Free (1947) Melody Time (1948) So Dear to My Heart (1949) The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) Cinderella (1950) Treasure Island (1950) '51 July Alice in Wonderland '53 February Peter Pan. '54 October ABC TV network begins weekly tv show. '55 June film Lady and the Tramp. July55 Dland opens in Anaheim, California. October55 ABC TV Disney's second television show, Mickey Mouse Club. 1959 January Sleeping Beauty. 1961 Jan One Hundred and One Dalmations; Living Desert (1953) The Vanishing Prairie (1954) 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (1954) Sept'61 Disney Wonderful World of Color NBC-TV 1955 Davy Crockett, King, Wild Frontier '59 darby o'gill (sean connery) 1964 April NY World Fair 4 D rides
15dec'66 walt disney dies st. joe hospital burbank
aug 69 kris falls in love w/surfer glen; spr70 glen arrested tujunga/ la canada; fall 70 muir dorms w/chris kirtley; fall 71 apts muir campus; dog Ed (so cool - to classes) living la jolla village; fall72 McGovern campaign wrk vista; spr73 kris UCB (glen & ucsd int'l ctr - summer73 kris visits glen@ international center/ucsd); fall73-spr74 kris UCB fails Math/phD try
sum74-sum76 kris is harmon craig's slave at SIO/GEOSECS
march 26, 1975 glen & kris marry in las vegas (240 1/2 prospect,LJ) springer span. jennifer & cat fred
?sum 78 move to 655 zuni dr. Del Mar fall 1976 kris@sdsu masters NA/CS discovery (no to stat) spr77 1977 star wars released
1977 Fall Conf ACM Signum /SIAMAlbq mac hyman LANL ? Spr 78 start building Z80/imsai box ? 1978 sum @ sandia labs (with larry shampine) z80 kit fall 1977 mary ann herndon (1 sem only) spr 1978 gil williamson combinatorics (coupled w/jim bunch - ?algorithms? ?spr 79 fred krogh&pre-PCs 8088/7? spr 79 grad & sum 79 off to JPL altadena meadows (moped) '79 DNA: The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy fall79 start 2 years @ JPL w/fred k & chuck lawson (fall80? Honolulu) dec80 honolulu marathon (1st vacation not dictated by academic calendar - once off probation as JPL employee glen connects w/jim (@bank) & ken ross / House (look up Fine HomeB) '80 DNA Restaurant@End of Universe ? fall 80 ODE methods conf in Urbana, linda petzold& i are mutt & jeff; host Gear kris studies AAS w/fred krogh) fall 81 kris off to UNM / cleve focus math (functnl analysis w/dick allen) glen to zuni bin w/gary B / del mar Spr 82 arrested leaving /Golden Inn withdrew from U. spr 82 May 82 jim ross drives thru alb. to minn.suggests Job NA @ SDSU '82 Lax Report - DoE & NSF '82 DNA Life, the Universe & Everything fall82/spr83 hired as lecturer m541/m542 fall83 return UNM to salvage life-compiler construction w/barny mcCabe / karen george xmas'83 1st MS attack optic neur - home for holidays from UNM (zuni garage) '84 DNA So Long&Thanks for All the Fish sum 84 SIAM 50th@stanford kris arrested way to get glen@SFO check into LA hospital for alcohol sum 84 buy home sum 84 L.A. Olympics-thx mom sum 84 JPL/faculty appt in caltech dorms -glen portHueneme fall 84 faculty start@ sdsu(kris=ABD) ?jan87 - see spinka for MS (letter to NIH giving summary) may87-phd diploma UNM 87DirkGently'sHolisticDetectiveAgency 03may90 EC@sports arena journeyman july90wrigley fld - SIAM - last drunk 91 Tenure/Assoc Prof 7yrdeadline ?july 91 spinka writes brief clinical history of my MS for NIH nov91-SC91 in Alb kris SDSC booth '92-clapton MTV unplugged show '92clapton ;gramy for tears in heaven 11sept92 iniki Hurriane demolishes kauai ---------------------------------- 0 0 0 0 0 kris timeline part2 92 iniki- -'07 09nov'93 hurricane iniki (kitches there) july'93-STEP '94 northridge earthquake/17 Jan '94 (ML=6.4) recorded by 65 stations spr 94 sum96 i'm 45 USMS american distance swimmer SC97San Diego-STEP hit for SDSC '97 NPACI starts '98 Professor ? ? 98 l.a. earthquake? 28may98 clapton @ cox arena SDSU w/gang & joe vasquez 01jan01 clapton marries melia in surrey Jan01 turn 50 - jcc laps to perri como show 'fifty nifty united states.' song 23july01 - neuro spinka says mri =>ABC drug (copaxone - my life style) 18aug01 EC Staples Arena LA (thanks to slowhand member in diamond bar) 09nov01 world trade ctr towers fall 01june02 knee replaced apr03 (1st week) new orleans with glen SDSU spr break 23apr03 - jack d. says i've graduate knee therapy (zion) june03 SIAM in montreal - kris presents 14aug03 - RdTrip with pattie g. laguna seca monterey historic cars (walts barn on return) oct03 - san diego cedar fire storms nov03 SC03 in phoenixAZ apr04 purchase suburu (bob baker carlsbad - finance with chase 1.9% $440/mo) 1-800-662-3325 left to pay $1757 dec07 11jun04 seussentential Del Mar fair 20june04 selma douglas dies (103 3/4 years old) july04 SIAM portland OR (meet up with patty c. - run into dave (without elaine) aug04 EC Hollywood bowl (hummer limo with gang) 25july04 fly to west point for EOT-PACI discussions game program platforms for HPC ed 15mar07-EC(&jjCale)SportsArena (rick w. got our tickets) derek trucks 25mar07-EC Edmonton - thanks jeannie!