Wendy Christine Beard
10Jan1951 - August 1966

Not that Wendy died in 1966, but changed name to Kris.

This url is http://www.stewart.cs.sdsu.edu/Wendy_Beard (or www.stewart.cs.sdsu.edu/wendy/)
Updated: 15oct2013 now Emeritus (retired) CS professor; updated: 13Dec2011 to add timeline
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Wendy Beard = Kris Stewart, Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus 2013, at San Diego State University. (Joined the faculty in 1984 as Assistant Professor of Numerical Analysis)

Nancy Beard [Douglas], Janet Douglas Beard, Wendy Christine Beard, Wendell Otis Beard

Beard Family Xmas Card Photo 1961? Wendy/Kris (next to the Major) is in 5th grade at Belinder Elementary School, Prairie Village, KS

Valid stories (in film) related to my life:
www.bratsourjourneyhome.com/ Brats: Our Journal Home "First Documentary about Growing up Military"
The Great Santini Glad dad had two daughters; no son could compete with him. "Women should be kept barefoot and pregnant", can be a motivator.
Pat Conroy's Eulogy for his dad, the model for Santini. [thanks to Jill Morgenthaler]
The Boomer Century: 1946-2046 PBS documentary timeline

I am proud to be called a Marine Corps Brat.

What is unique about this life?

You move every 2 or 3 years [I got one (1) moving carton for "my stuff", no wonder I'm a packrat now.]

Besides moving so often, being raised up as a military dependent is unique:
If a child misbehaves, it goes on the parent's military service record and may impact their career.
Big difference living-on base with other brats or off-base with civilians.
Each change of duty the family would make the big trip to visit the relatives [Aunt Dorothy Summers (Janet's sister) & Cousin John in La Habra, Grandpa Don Douglas (Janet's father) at cattle ranch in Coarsegold, Mimi (Janet's mother, Selma Douglas) in Whittier, Grandma/pa Beard (Wendell's parents) in Sacramento, later Harper, Kansas.]

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