Stages of lytic growth in lyric verse

(Contributed by a Microbial Genetics student)

One phage
Two phage
Red phage
Blue phage

What is the fear of bacteria?
Oh, poor E. coli, I hear ya.
Its phage that put the scare of infection
MOI is the mode of detection.

Lysogeny is not a pretty ending
when phage, their armies, are sending. Poisson distribution will I solve to know
what stops the bacterial lawn from its growth.

Adsorption is first
but step two is worse
cuz DNA ejection's irreversible.
Step three's expression of phage genes
host DNA is degrading.
And four is assembly
which almost sounds friendly
but what it leads to is five
where bacteria's not alive.

Phil J. Reiter
March, 2000

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