The SDSU College of Sciences Underrepresented Student Program has explored the need of a science education pipeline between K-12 schools and univeristies. The result of this exploration has been the establishment of two K-12 teacher development programs:

The Eisenhower Program
The Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA).

We believe that the development of programs that enhance the knowledge of instructors in the areas mathematics and the sciences, will be of significant benefit by:

  1. Increasing the recruitment of minority/disadvanted students in the sciences.
  2. Enhancing the academic performance of these students.
  3. Increasing their rates of retention and graduation.

We anticipate that the number of K-12 students potentially impacted by these programs will be significant. Teachers who participate in these programs will be provided with the opportunity to devleop new teaching strategies in science and mathematics, which will allow graduating high school seniors to be more competitive for entry into college as science majors.