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Tangible Math

Case Studies - Photo Gallery

2010 San Diego Science Festival Expo

The spirograph exhibit, one of three exhibits we set up at the expo Suggested questions for users to engage with A boy rounds the spirograph track with the 10-tooth gear. The track and gears were cut with the laser cutter at the Mathematics Technology Lab. The resulting image after many revolutions with many gears A close up of the spirograph track and gears. A mom helps her son. Questions for the gear elevators A boy gets ready to set up the elevators at the appropriate floors Checking to see if the elevators stopped at the desired floors A girl moves the gears to postion the elevators Checking to see if her elevators went to the desired floors A boy tries to decide which gear to use Spinning the gears Questions for the motorized gear exhibit A girl readies the power supply for her gears Do we have power? A boy places his gears in position Rechecking his gear position Spin, spin!