Pre-Major Advising:

This means that although all College of Sciences majors and minor are welcome, we have a focus on first and second year students. We help you check your pre-major requirements, help you find introductory science career related resources and advising, and encourage you to attend our different learning skills services/workshops (student leadership skills; study skills; personal and professional growth).

Pre-College Advising:

We also offer help to those not in the sciences who would like to explore our majors.

We offer help Declaring, Exploring and Changing majors in the sciences and much more.

Our Staff and Peer Advisors can help you with:

  • Locate resources to help you begin to plan your career – We’ll let you know about workshops and career panels, handouts and reading material, websites, and help put you in contact with the right people and opportunities.
  • Learn about internships and research – We can show you information about how to land internships and field experience and where those opportunities are.
  • Address any difficulties you might have in classes by serving as your champion and liaison- between you and faculty, depart chairs or advisers, or other campus entities.
  • Locate campus resources to help you get involved at SDSU.
  • Help you explore minors, or manage difficult decisions about changing majors.
  • Share study abroad opportunities with you.
  • Keep you informed about all the opportunities that the College of Sciences has to offer.

Study Abroad Drop-In Advising:

Our College of Sciences International Coordinator, Maureen Crawford, is available every Wednesday from 1-3 to help you identify goals for your study abroad experience and guide you through thoughtful program selection. Whether you prefer a short 2 week experience, several months, a semester or a year, faculty led or more independent, Maureen can help you navigate the many international options, and scholarships

No appointment is necessary.

Maureen Crawford

*Maureen is also available for appointments in her office, please email.
Time: Wednesdays 1-3 pm
Location: GMCS 429
Website: Study Abroad Coordinator – Maureen Crawford

Undergrad Research Support Drop-In Advising:

Our College of Sciences Undergraduate research Adviser, Bianca Avina, is available every Thursday from 9-11 to help you identify goals for your undergrad research experience and guide you through lab selection. Bianca can provide assistance relating to what research is, how to select a lab, how to approach a lab PI, as well as information on the CASA programs.

No appointment is necessary.

Bianca Avina

Time: Thursdays 9-11 am
Location: GMCS 429