SCIP Intern wins award at ABRCMS

20150306_160103Carlos Paz, an intern in the SDSU/CIRM Internship Program was one of six SDSU students to be awarded an Outstanding Poster Presentation, at the 14th Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS), held in San Antonio, Texas, November 12-15, 2014. The other SDSU students who received awards were; Carlos Alvarez, Amanda Brambil, Katrina Cable, Babgen Manookian and Gerardo Soriano. Each student was awarded $250.00.

Carlos’ project was “Screening for novel leads toward antibacterial compounds targeting topo-isomerase, a new target found in all bacteria.” Carlos conducted his research during a summer internship at Florida International University under the direction of Tse-Dinh and Yuk-Ching. In an effort to develop new antibiotics that would target topo-isomerase, Carlos did high throughput screening of libraries of small molecules to determine their antibiotic efficacy on topo-isomerase in E. coli.

Carlos became involved in summer internships through his connection in the Bridges Program at SDSU under the direction of Dr. Paul and Maureen Paolini. He became involved due to his curiosity about a science career. As a first generation, minority college student and science major, he had very little knowledge about the various areas in science. Through various experiences with the Bridges program he gained a much greater understanding of the options.

ABRCMS is an organization that supports minority students both academically and monetarily, with assistance in applying to graduate school. As a result of his participation in this organization, Carlos was able to apply to quite a few programs for free. Carlos will be continuing his education at the University of Texas, Southwestern, where he will work toward his PhD in the Division of Basic Sciences Graduate Program.


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