The SDSU/CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine) Bridges to Stem Cell Research Program is a California state government-funded program developed to encourage participation of both undergraduate and graduate students in the field of regenerative medicine. Through this program students will obtain hands-on experience in performing techniques used in state of the art stem cell research. These experiences will encourage and prepare students from the diverse population at SDSU to enter the growing field of stem cell research.

The SDSU/CIRM Stem Cell Internship Program (SCIP) will promote collaboration between the student’s home institution, SDSU, and various host institutions, including the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, the Scripps Research Institute, the Salk Institute for Scientific Studies, UCSD and various biotech companies, including CALIBR, Genea Biocells and ThermoFisher, through student/faculty interactions from all. These interactions will happen through a number of venues, including monthly colloquiums, research seminars and a twelve-month internship for each BSCRIP Fellow, which includes a stipend of $2500/month.

During the program, BSCRIP Fellows will be guided by research mentors from both institutions. They will also receive intense training in stem-cell research techniques in order to prepare them for their internship year. Further experiences outside the laboratory will help to to prepare the Fellows for their scientific endeavors, including patient engagement and community service activities.

The program is open to junior and senior undergraduate students and first year Master’s level graduate students pursuing a degree in Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology or other relevant health or natural science. The most competitive candidate will hold an overall GPA of at least 2.7 and have experienced research training at SDSU or other lab.