Summit 5K

BSCRIP Interns at Summit 5K for Parkinson’s Research. Left to right; Interns-Jerry Guzman, Jasmin Hamidi, Andrew Thomas, Daniel Ryback, Nick Hernandez and Program Administrator-Susan Kaiser

As part of the BSCRIP program’s commitment to advancing stem cell research, the interns took to the streets of Harbor Island to walk in the inaugural Summit 5K for Parkinson’s Disease last Saturday, October 28, 2017.  The 5K is a fund raiser in support of the research to treat Parkinson’s Disease, done locally in San Diego. The event was organized by the Summit for Stem Cell Foundation.

Over 285 participants walked along the San Diego Harbor, including those with Parkinson’s, their families and the researchers involved in the quest for treatment and cure of the disease.

Alviin Muliono discussing the needs of a Parkinson’s patient, Art, with he and his wife.

This event gave the SDSU interns a chance to get in touch with those suffering from the disease.  They walked alongside many patients suffering from the condition, as well as their families.  They were able to discuss the condition, as well as asking what the patients and their families feel the greatest needs are in dealing with this day after day. Jerry Guzman, a senior at SDSU, who is doing his internship at Solstice Biologics, says of the walk, “The Summit 5k connected scientists with patients and gave the opportunity for the two to get to know each other. It was great to be a part of a wonderful supportive group of people.”

Susan Kaiser, BSCRIP Program Administrator, who also walked with the interns says that, “As a result of this experience it is hoped that the students will now take a new approach to their studies and will develop an even deeper commitment to the field of regenerative medicine.”


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