Forming Osteochondral Neotissues for 3D-Bioprinting poster.
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Student: Joel Kopcow

Level: Undergraduate
Major: Biology
Host Mentor: Darryl D D’Lima, MD, Ph.D.
Host Institution: Shiley Center for Orthopedic Research and Education, Scripps Institute
Date: 2021



The purpose of Joel Kopcom’s research was the exploration of novel bioprinting platforms for tissue regeneration and revitalization. For this project, a number of cell sources, bioinks and delivery platforms were used to create or revitalize cartilage, bone and meniscal tissues. A combination of various cell sources, bioinks and bioprinting devices were explored. Stem cells were retrieved from cryopreserved stocks or sourced from live meniscus and knee fat pad tissue via enzymatic digestions and cultured to increase cell numbers for bioprinting. The results of using these approaches helped to identify the most appropriate cell source, bioink formulation and delivery platform to produce viable cartilage-, bone- and meniscal-like tissues.

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