Danielle Behr

Danielle-Behr-128Currently working as a Coding Specialist for Sharp Healthcare

Danielle did her internship in Dr. Jeanne Loring’s lab at The Scripps Research Instituteon the unique non-CpG methylation patterns found within stem cells and the involvement of de novo DNA methyltransferases on the regulation of both CpG and CpA methylation, as well as the implications of these enzymes in human embryonic stem cell differentiation. Danielle graduated with her BS in Biology in May 2012.

 Keri Elkins

Keri in Yeo labCurrently working at Invivoscribe in Sorrento Valley

Keri did her CIRM Internship in the lab of Dr. Inder Verma at the Salk Institute where she will be working with Dr. Quan Zhu to analyze the dynamics of the cell nucleus and how genes are expressed in somatic cells, naïve and primed iPSCs, and ES cells in order to understand these cells and their potential use in therapy or if there are possible dangers in using certain cells. Keri graduated with her B.S. degree in Biology from in May 2012.

Grady Gastelum

grady-128Currently attending graduate school at Baylor University

For his internship, Grady worked with Dr. Paulina Ordonez, in the lab of Dr. Larry Goldstein at UCSD. He studied the mechanisms underlying neuronal death in Niemann Pick Type C1 (NPC1) disease, using NPC1 iPS, hESC derived nueral stem cell and neuron cell lines. Grady received his BS in Cell & Molecular Biology at SDSU in May 2011.

 Ian Ladran

Ian-Ladran-128Business Development Officer and Co-Founder of MiRNA Analytics, LLC

Ian did his internship at the Salk Institute in the laboratory of Dr. Fred Gage, under the tutelage of Dr. Kristen Brennand. Following the internship, Ian moved to Mt. Sanai with Dr. Brennard as a research associate.  He graduated with a double major in both kinesiology and biology, in December 2011.

Cayla Mason

Cayla-Mason-128Currently working as a Research Associate at Moore’s Cancer Center, UCSD

For her internship, she worked in the laboratory of Dr. Catriona Jamieson at the UCSD Moores Cancer Center.  She continues to work in this lab testing treatments for chronic myeloid leukemia using hematopoietic stem cells.  Cayla graduated with her BS in Chemistry (Biochemistry emphasis) in May 2011.

Kayla Muth

Kayla-Muth-128Currently working as a Research Associate at Bell Biosystems

Kayla is presently helping to develop a product for tracking stem cells by MRI. During her internship she worked in the lab of Maike Sander, M.D. at UCSD, with Dr. Wang. Her research focused on optimizing methods for the derivation of pancreatic beta cells from hESCs. Kayla graduated with an MS in Biotechnology from UC Irvine in June 2014.

James Parker

James-Parker-128Presently working as a Research Associate at Scintillon Institute

James did his CIRM internship in the Stuart Lipton lab researching how certain genetic deletions, known to be linked to autism spectrum disorders, may specifically impair neurogenesis. He received his BS in Cell and Molecular Biology from SDSU in May 2011.

Arra Revilla

Arra-Revilla-128Presently working as a Lab Assistant at Salimetrics

Arra worked under the guidance of Dr. Jessica Young in Dr. Larry Goldstein’s lab at University of California, San Diego examining whether modification of SORL1 expression will rescue and/or induce an Ab phenotype in human neurons and characterizing endogenous SORL1 induction in neural stem cells. Arra graduated with a B.S. degree in Chemistry with emphasis in Biochemistry

Lindsay Southgate

Lindsay-Southgate-128Presently attending St. George’s Medical School

For her internship, she worked in Dr. Richard Milner’s laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute, studying the role of brain endothelial cells on laminin expression in order to determine if the brain endothelial cells play a role in the regulation of the neural stem cell niche. Lindsay graduated with a BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Therapy in May 2013.

 Katia Suarez

Katia-Suarez-Berumen-128Currently attending Medical School

Katia did her internship with Dr. Jennifer Lowe in Dr. Sylvia Evan’s lab at UCSD, working with cardiac stem cells. She graduated from SDSU with a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology in May 2011.