Accepting applications for the 2022-2023 internship for Master’s students only.

We are now accepting new applications for the 2022-2023 internship cycle. Please fill and send your application to Dr. John Mokili (email: (

Due date: May 15, 2022; 11:59pm

Download Application, complete, and submit.  [Download 2022-23 Application]

For more information, contact Dr. John Mokili, Program Coordinator.

The following are required:

The completed Application Form including the personal statements describing:

  • your future directions/goals and how this program will foster your career AND benefit the field of regenerative medicine
  • experience in research or related areas
  • An updated résumé that includes any related academic or volunteer experience
  • A copy of the applicants transcript from the SDSU Web portal and official transcripts from all other colleges attended
  • Two letters from either faculty references or someone who can attest to your capabilities needed for the internship.

Your application will be reviewed based on the following items:

1) Academic Qualifications: classes in Biology, Biochemistry or Cell and Molecular Biology, overall GPA

2) Quality of Personal Statements: Statements are well written and easy to follow and contain few or no grammatical or spelling errors. Statements explicitly address prompts.

3) Quality of Personal Statement 1: Previous or Present research experience; Previous research is thoroughly described. Includes description of many, high-level techniques/skills learned. Documents at least one semester of research experiences.

4) Quality of Future Direction Statement 2: future directions/goals

5) Academic Lab and Research Experience: Experiences discussed are consistent with other application materials and letters of Reference.

6) Other Experience: Participated in preparatory programs such as IMSD, LSAMP, etc. AND in other scientific pursuits, such as SRS, ABRCMS, etc., AND other community involvement activities.

7) Letter of Reference #1

8) Letter of Reference #2

Send your application package to:


Mail or Drop-Off
Attn: Dr John Mokili/SDSU/CIRM Selection Committee
SDSU/CIRM Internship Program
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Dr.
San Diego, CA 92182-1010

Inquiries about the SDSU/CIRM Internship Program are welcome and they may be directed to John Mokili For general information regarding the program visit the rest of our website.