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  Lisa Heizer, SDSU

LANDSAT Thematic Mapper false-color image of the Salton trough region of California (Scene ID 50203-17462), aquisition date 20 Sept 1984. TM Band 7 data (mid-infrared) are assigned red, band 4 data (near-infrared) are assigned green, and band 2 data (visible green) are assigned blue. Band 7 is frequently used for discrimination of mineral and rock types; band 4 may be used to determining vegetation types, and band 2 is useful for vegetation discrimination. This 742 image has been processed to enhance edges and spectral content. The Salton Sea is in the center of the image, with the Orocopia Mountains to the northeast of the Salton Sea and the Santa Rosa Mountains to the northwest. The bright green areas are agricultural centers; the area southeast of the Salton Sea is the Imperial Valley area, and the bright green to the northwest is the Coachella Valley. The body of water in the bottom center part of the image is the Laguna Salada in Mexico; the U.S.-Mexico border can be seem diagonally across the bottom of the image, just north of the Laguna Salada. The tan-colored diagonal strip to the southeast of the Salton Sea is the Algodones sand dunes. The image was processed by Lisa Heizer, of the CIVAC Lab, at San Diego State University, using PCI software, 15 March 1994.