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Weather and Climate

Interactive Salton Sea Vicinity Map
CIMIS* Stations in the Salton Sea Area
(Click to Enlarge for Interactive Maps)

[We are in the process of developing a map for the location of all weather stations in the whole Salton Basin - Colorado Delta Region.]
Table of Contents

Current and Predicted Weather

 Salton City
 El Centro

Palm Springs City
Palm Springs Area

County Weather Sites

Coachella Valley Custom Forecasts
Coachella Valley Weather Forecast
Coachella 30-day outlook
Palm Springs Station, Riverside County
Naval Air Facility, El Centro, Imperial County

Historical Weather Data

Historical Databases for Imperial and Riverside Counties
California Weather Databases
California Department of Water Resources Climate Data
Southern Coastal and Desert Area Map of CIMIS Stations
Clickable CIMIS Stations Map - Salton Sea Vicinity
California CIMIS* List of Stations
Map of the Four CIMIS Stations at the Salton Sea
Imperial County CIMIS Data
Riverside County CIMIS Data
Evapotranspiration Data

Other Weather Sources

Southwest Arizona/Southwest California Zone Forecasts, National Weather Service, Phoenix, AZ
USGS Weather Links Page
The Weather Visualizer
CNN Weather
National Weather Service Western Regional Headquarters
Interactive Weather Information
Weather Information Superhighway Links
Weather Channel Forecasts
Other Weather Related Sites of Interest

Weather Satellite Imagery

Current Satellite NOAA Imagery Links
Current Intellicast West Coast Radar Satellite Image
Current Intellicast West Coast Visual Satellite Image
Pacific Storms Satellite Image
Pacific Infared Color Satellite Image

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