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Selected News Articles And Commentary

Salton Sea Expert Pans US Filter Plan, Spillman, December 23, 2002
Desert Water Wars: Vote Could Determine Future of Salton Sea, Mecoy, December 7, 2002
Window of Time for Water Transfer, Velush, October 2, 2001
Water Policy, Urban Developers and Monkey-Wrench Gangs, Hurlbert and Doyle, September 26, 2002
Water Deal Hits Snag on Effort to Save Salton Sea, Perry, August 20, 2001
Voice: Fallowing May Be the Answer to IID Obligations, Hawk, July 9, 2001
Farmers May Reap Cash for Water Rights, Henry, July 7, 2001
Our Opinion: The Sins of The Past, IVP Editorial, July 6, 2001
Salton Sea Authority Supports Legislation, Welsh, July 2, 2001
House OKs Millions for Salton Sea, New River Cleanup and All American, Grant, June 29, 2001
IID Bill May Go Over $15 Million, Grant, June 29, 2001
Salton Sea Authority Backs Water Transfer, Velush, June 28, 2001
IID Water Use Plan Passes by 3-2 Vote, Grant, June 27, 2001
Sacrificing Farmland Hi Price, Some Fear, Grant, May 24, 2001
Babbitt Signs Historic 7-state Water Accord, La Rue, January 17, 2001
Water Transfers; IID-Wildlife Negotiations to Begin, Simon, January 12, 2001
State High Court Sides With Farmers, Perry, August 22, 2000
Agreement On Limiting Water Use Takes Blow, Kravets, August 22, 2000
Project Tackles Toxic River Flowing into U.S., Ellingwood, August 7, 2000
Salton Sea Won't Be Diluted by Colorado, Associated Press, August 2, 2000
Borrego's Thirst - Desert Town is Pumping Itself Dry, July 6, 2000
Crisis Feared For Borrego Water Supply, Steve La Rue, July 3, 2000
Conservation Is Key to River Water Plan, Thrower, May 13, 2000
 Salton Repairs Peril Water Transfer, Gardner, April 20, 2000
Desert Water Entrepreneur Closely Tied to Governor, Clifford and Perry, April 16, 2000.
Ensuring a Water Supply for San Diego County, Parker, February 2, 2000
Colorado River Water Deal Sealed, Gardner, October 19, 1999
U.S., Mexico Agree to Review Joint Aqueduct, Dibble, October 15, 1999
Bay-Delta Solution is Worth Waiting For, Madigan, September 8, 1999
U.S., Mexico Near Start of Aqueduct Study, La Rue, September 7, 1999
West Wages a New Sort of Turf Battle, Sanchez, May 16, 1999
Water-use Ethic: Striving to Ensure Southern California's Water Supply, Pace, March 18, 1999
Battle Lines Drawn over Water Rights, Perry, January 13, 1999
Critique of the Metropolitan Water District, McDermott, Nov 1, 1998
Desert Valleys Renew 64-yr-old Water Duel, Perry, September 6, 1998
Wilson Signs Water Conservation Bill, La Rue, September 26, 1998
A River Revolution-Managing Waning Resources of The West's Lifeline, Boorstein, May 26, 1997
IID / SDCWA Water Conservation & Tranfer Agreement, Summary of Basic Terms, December 1997