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 Selected News Articles and Commentary 
 Resolution of the Imperial County Board of Supervisors on the Water Transfer between IID and SDCWA, October 2002
 Water Transfers; IID-Wildlife Negotiations To Begin, Simon, January 12, 2001
 MWD Will Ask Feds to Allot Farms Less Water, Ferguson, January 13, 1999
  New Pact Unclogs Transfer of Water , La Rue, December 18, 1998
  Requests for Rights to Salton Sea Inflows, MWD, CVWD, September 1997
  Water Transfer and Exchange Agreements, IID/SDCWA
  Colorado River Board 4.4 Plan: Californian's Use of Its Colorado River Allocation, December 1997
  Potential Impacts to Salton Sea of Water Transfers, CRBC,1992