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Selected Articles and Essays

DotPopulation Numbers Set Political Stage, Walters, February 2, 2003
Aim for a 'Graying' Society, Burke, August 5, 2001
Is Overimmigration in the U.S. Morally Defensible? Zuckerman and Hurlbert, August 3, 2001
Say No to Guest-workers, Lind, July 6, 2001
Wall Street Journal Needs to Open Its Eyes, Not Borders, Hurlbert, July 5, 2001
INS Has Abandoned Immigration Law Enforcement, Beck, May 2001
Weighing Sprawl Factors in Large U.S. Cities, Kolankiewicz and Beck, March 19, 2001
Too Many People, Too Little Power, Oberlink, January 17, 2001
Turning in to The Cacophony of California's Population Crunch, Ricci, September 10, 2000
Sprawl in California, Kolankiewicz and Beck, August 13, 2000
People Are The Problem, Burke, May 2000.
"The Globalist Copout -- Immigration, Numbers and the Population Problem", Hurlbert, Spring 2000
The Limits of Sprawl; Massive Influx of People Is Pushing CA Toward Meltdown, Wood,   March 7, 2000
Green Gag, Sailer, February 28, 2000
AFL-CIO Calls for Amnesty for Illegal U.S. Workers, Cleeland, February 17, 2000
Population Growth and the Salton Sea, Hurlbert, et al., January 13-14, 2000  
The Environmental Movement Retreats from Population Stabilization, Beck and Kolankiewicz, January 2000
Showing Immigrants Respect, Tancredo, October, 2, 1999
Immigration by The Numbers, Doyle, September 9, 1999
Cry, The Overcrowded Country: A Post-Earth Day Requiem, Hull, Summer 1999
Lax Immigration Policies Fuel U.S. Poverty, Geyer, August 20, 1999
The U.S. - Mexican Border Environment, Sustainable 2020, SCERP, EPA, BTA, 1999
A Call To Action Is Needed at the Mexican Border, Ellingwood, May 9, 1999
Sustaining Water, Easing Scarcity: A Second Update, PAI, 1997
Population and The Environment, Zuckerman, 1998
Sustaining Water,Easing Scarcity: Population and the Future of Supplies, PAI,1998
Sustaining Water: Population and the Future of Renewable Water Supplies, Engelman   and LeRoy, 1993
Overpopulation and Overconsumption, Hanauer,1998
Consumption: The Other Side of Population for Development, Mata, 1994.
Australian Inland Waters: A Limited Resource, Williams, 1993
Avifaunal Change and Human Numbers, Johnson and Jehl, 1994
Immigration Policy Must Be Enforced, Hurlbert, 1990
Sustainable Devleopment: What Is the Role of Universities?, Schindler, 2012

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