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Sun Enlisted to Aid The Salton Sea, Bowles, April 25, 2001
Keep Up the Fight, IVP Editorial, February 18, 2001
Environmental Groups Embrace River Cleanup Efforts, Montenegro, February 1, 2001
Feinstein Urges Action on New River Pollution, Buck, February 17, 2001
Proposal To Use Colorado River Water To Dilute Salton Sea Dropped, August 1, 2000.
Salton Sea Restoration Effort Is Still In Limbo, Bowles, August 6, 2000
Toxic River Becomes Path To USA, Alvord, May 11, 2000
Saving The Salton Sea, Cohn, April 2000
Saving The Salton Sea,Wadhwani, February 15, 2000
Bringing The Salton Sea Back To Life, Kaiser, January 28, 2000
Davis Picks Tribal Leader For State Panel, Sweeney, December 3, 1999
Officials Told To Hurry Salton Sea Solutions, Soto, September 29, 1999
Valley Official Briefs Congress On Salton Sea Cleanup Plans, DiMeglio, September 29, 1999
7.6 Million Fish Die In A Day At Salton Sea, Marcum, August 12, 1999
Divers Examine Wreck Of Plane In Salton Sea, June 15, 1999
Battle Over A Dying Sea, Kaiser, April 2, 1999
Salton Sea Restoration Is Criticized, EEN, February 18, 1999
Saving The Salton Sea, La Rue, February 8, 1999
Lose-lose Situation At the Salton Sea, Henry, November 20, 1998
Ornithological Council Issue Brief, August 1998
Sick Sea -- Saving The Salton Sea, LaRue, July 1, 1998
Salton Sea Resort Hoping For Return To Glory, Niiler, June 30, 1998
Salton Sea Plan May Harm Nevada's Interests, Weiss, March 1998
Salton Sea Rescue To Be Named For Sonny Bono, CNN, January 1998
Salton Sea Sickness, Slack, Winter 1997
The Plight Of California's Otherworldly Sea; Solutions To Saline Many And Costly; The Life Or Death Of The Salton Sea, Smithsonian, June 1996
Strangled By Salt, LaRue, March 30 1994
Lovers Of Salton Sea Hope To Turn Back Tide Of Decline; A New Agency Will Address The Toxic Stew...,Tony Perry, August 16, 1993
Salton Sea: Countdown To Collapse, A Press Enterprise Special Report, Palakovic, January 13-15, 1993
Union Tribune Newspaper Archives
Washington Post Newspaper Archives
Salton Sea Drowning In Salt, Cleeland, February 1983
Out Of A One-time Disaster, A Fishing Oasis Fishing Is Born, Cleeland, February 1983