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American Rivers: Colorado River Delta Contents: Description of the Colorado River Delta, Baja California and Sonora and a discussion of water needs for delta ecosystems.

American University Case Studies Contents: Case study on the New River. Contents: Case study on the Colorado River water dispute. Contents: US-Mexican environmental and trade cases.

Arizona Comparative Environmental Risk Project Contents: Report on stresses affecting different ecosystems in Arizona; see chapter 2 for riparian ecosystems.

Arizona State Parks

Cattail State Park Contents: Description and directions to Cattail State Park.

Lake Havusu State Park Contents: Description and directions to the Lake Havusu State Park

Alamo Lake State Park Contents: Descriptiona and directions to Alamo Lake State Park. Contents: Other images and general information about Alamo Lake State Park.

Biodiversity Research Center of the Californias Contents: Reseach information on Birds and Mammals, Botany, Entomology, Herpetology, Marine Invertebrates, Mineralogy, Paleontology; symposia and workshops; expeditions and publications.

Brown - Congressman George Brown's Writing and Activities Contents: Activities and political commentary of Congressman George Brown.

Cahuilla Indians/Palm Springs Contents: Essay on the history of the Palm Springs Agua Caliente Cahuilla Indians.

California Environmental Documents, Search for Contents: Cheshire II search engine for California environmental documents.

California Ecological Restoration Projects Inventory Contents: Inventory of projects which are listed by county.

California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES), The Contents: Environmental information by organization, geographic area, theme and data type; Current interest topics such as CALFED Bay-Delta progrom and flood informtion; Ceres webs including environmental education, environmental law, land use planning, watershed information and wetlands information.

Center for the Environment, UCDavis Contents: Links to the California State Resources Agency; the California Environmental Resources Evaluation System (CERES); information about the California River Assessment Project.

Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, Unversity of California San Diego Contents: List of affiliated research personnel and Staff, 1997-98, research areas, publication program, seminars, public education activities, researchers-in-residence program, and who's who in San Diego-Tijuana cross border affairs.

Centro de Datos para la Conservación de la Naturaleza en Sonora (CDC-SON)

California River Assessment Project Contents: Information on River basins in Southern California; information by region; clickable maps.

Coachella Valley Association of Governments Contents: Clickable map for links to Coachella Valley Association of Governments Subregions; regional atlas and data in development; events and other resources.

Coachella Valley Water District Contents: Current water issues; CVWD boundaries; Evapotranspiration map of the Coachella Valley and part of the Imperial Valley; Weather information. Contents: Water information.

Eagle Crest Energy

http// Contents: Outline of their plans to address: Biological Control, Salinity Control, Water Level Control and Financing.

El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF), Tijuana Contents: An institution for scientific research and graduate education, specializing in economic, social, political, cultural, urban, enviromental, gender, demographic and health issues in the US-Mexico border region. In Spanish Contents:Same as preceeding but in English Contents: A general article in English about COLEF published in the December 1993 issue of Borderlines.

COLEF/ORSTOM Joint Digital Mapping Project Contents: Information on project of El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Tijuana (COLEF) and the French Institute of Research for Development in Cooperation (ORSTOM); information and images for the Tijuana river watershed and the lower Colorado River delta region.

Colorado River Basin Region-CAEPA Regional Water Quality Control Board Contents: Salton Sea Restoration Project links, watershed management links, TMDL links, New River/Mexicali Sanitation Program links, CA State Water Resources Control Board Program links, government agency links, water quality regulation links, county government links, city government links, irrigation/water district links, and non-profit organizations links

Colorado River Water User's Association Contents: Excellent summaries of information on legal, environmental, political, recreational, and other issues by an organization representing agricultural, municipal and industrial water users in the seven Colorado River basin states.
Law of the River Contents: Law of the River: A good summary of recent compacts and treaties and the politics behind them.
Ten Tribes and the River Contents: Ten U.S. Indian tribes occupy reservations with claimed or vestedwater rights to the Colorado River.

Committee for the National Institute for the Environment Contents: Information on initiative to create a NIE; access to the online National Library for the Environment.

Committee for the National Institute for the Environment Contents: Information on initiative to create a NIE; access to the online National Library for the Environment

Congressman Brown's Salton Sea Webpage Contents: Speeches, legislative uupdates, photos

Cornell University Aquaculture Contents: Cornell aquaculture project of growing Tilapia indoors; code name-'Tilapia McNuggets'

Department of Fish and Game Contents: Maps of selected State Parks and National Refuges.
Imperial Valley Area Map Contents: Map of Imperial Valley Area including: Imperial Wildlife Area, Wister and Ramer Units; Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.
Department of Fish and Game-Algodones dunes Contents: List of endangered species in Imperial county including the Algodones Dunes sunflower and desert pupfish.

Desert Template Contents: Desert pavement topics; PETER K. HAFF. Professor of Geology.

Desert USA Contents: Calls itself 'The ultimate desert resource'; news; the desert; desert life; parks; exploring; features of the month. Contents: Extensive information on the Colorado River Contents: Index; features of the month; calendar; desert quicktime movies; animals; flora; Native Americans; places to go; the outpost; and trail guide. Contents: Information on the Salton Sea. Contents: Anza Borrego State Park information. Contents: Algodones Dunes

Department of Energy

DOE Geothermal Energy Technical Site -- Imperial Valley Geothermal Power Plants Contents: This is the US Department of Energy's Geothermal Energy Technical Information Site; list of Imperial Valley geothermal plants and technical information: location, operator, plant type, year, and net rating MW.
Laboratory Site Listings Contents: Listing of sites including: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratory/California, Laboratory for Energy-Related Health Research, Davis and Salton Sea Test Base.
Salton Sea Test Base Contents: Salton Sea Test Base and environmental impact.

Earth System Science Center, Pennsylvania State University. Contents: Geographic databases including ones for Salton Sea region; needs sophisticated software such as 'Arc Info' to use.

Estación el Golfo de Santa Clara Contents: Objetivos generales de la estación --Apoyar en la implementación del Programa de Manejo de la Reserva de la Biosfera "Alto Golfo de California y Delta del Río Colorado", participando y/o facilitando acciones y labores administrativas, de manejo, inspección vigilancia, educación ambiental e investigación científica and more Contents: Article posted on bulletin board of a U.S. Mexico water and the Colorado River Delta meeting in Mexicali, Baja California Norte, 17 May 1996, between Pronatura, the environmental NGO from Mexico, and Amigos de Pronatura, its United States sister NGO based in Tucson, Arizona.

Geothermal Project Salton Sea- Imperial Valley Contents: Information about CalEnergy Americas Imperial Valley Project, eight facilities in the Salton Sea Known Geothermal Resource Area (SSKGRA) in southern California's Imperial Valley, four of which are called "The Salton Sea Project".

Great Salt Lake, Utah, USGS Contents: history, salinity, elevation, biology, commercial activities, publications; largest saline lake in North America

Imperial County Community College Web Content: General information about Imperial Community College. Content: Birds of the Imperial Valley region including the Salton Sea; individual pictures and fact sheets on each bird; access to the National Audubon Society; Peterson Online; Refuge net.

Imperial County Contents: Area information such as the Glamis Sand Dunes, photo tour of the county, county demographics, calendar of events, important city and other links.

Imperial County: CERES Database Contents: Current flood conditions for Imperial County, economics and demographics, environmental groups and projects, governmental institutions, land use planning, media sources, recreation, road and weather conditions, special status species, water resources, vegetation and habitats, maps and spatial data, photo tour, documents and publications, and link to Colorado Desert.

Imperial County Office of Education Contents: Technology learning center, education network, programs, K-12 resources, government information, and "Our community" section.

Imperial Irrigation District Contents: Home page Contents: Environmental history of the Salton Sea

Imperial Sand Dunes - BLM Recreation and Wilderness Area Contents: Natural History and links to the wilderness home page.

Imperial Valley Association of Governments Contents: Clickable map for links to Coachella Valley Association of Governments Subregions, regional atlas and data in development, events, directory of personnel language fluencies, directory of staff expertise and other resources.

Imperial Valley History-El Centro Chamber of Commerce Contents: History of Dr. O.M. Wozencraft's thirty eight -year quest to bring water to the Imperial Valley.   

Inland Empire Economic Data bank and Forecasting Center Contents: Links to city pages, Inland Empire Review and the Economia Analysis of the Salton Sea Report.
Inland Empire Review Contents: Review articles from their current economic newsletter.
Economic Benefits of the Salton Sea Contents: Summary of the Economic analysis of the benefits of rehabilitating the Salton Sea.
Economic and Demographic Data Contents: Economic and demographic data for these cities and counties in the Inland Empire: County of Riverside, County of San Bernardino, Corona, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Norco, Ontario, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Riverside City, San Bernardino, Temecula

Internet Guide for the Biologist Contents: a guide to many biological resources found on the World Wide Web.

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Contents: Comprehensive website with Mission Statement, Communications, Board of Directors, Engineering, Executive Management, Environmental Compliance, MWD Member Agencies, Finance & Business Services, News and Information, Human Resources, Legislative Issues, Operations, Year 2000 Compliance, Planning and Resources, Hot Topics and Water Quality Contents: Integrated Resource Plan

Mining Company, The Contents: QTVR of the East Shore of The Salton Sea, Imperial County, CA.

National Audubon Society Contents: Website for the national organization. Contents: Christmas Bird Counts for the Salton Sea
Santa Monica, California Chapter Contents: Santa Monica, California chapter; newsletter; Salton Sea Campaign; lots of links on bird issues.

National Biological Service Contents: Information of the National Biological Service. Contents: Add to address: salton.htm or saltmam.htm or saltfish.htm or saltrept.htm to obtain checklists for the Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge of birds, mammals, fish, or amphibian and reptiles respectively. Contents: Articles of environmental interest and occasionally on the Salton Sea such as the Pelican bird die-off. Contents: Colorado River endangered fish recovery program. Contents: BRD Press releases, news releases, and report on endocrine disrupters in fish which is the focus of new USGS studies.

National Geodetic Survey Contents: NOAA-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; NOS--US National Ocean Survey; Links to Ocean and Coastal Resources.

National Herbarium -SMITHSONIAN Contents: Algae site that includes a general introduction to the algae, recent staff publications (including selected abstracts), and information about the herbarium; TYPE COLLECTION is a database that is directly searchable via the web; Many links to other algae web sites.

National Science Foundation Contents: Biology, Computer Science, Crosscutting programs, Education, Engineering, Geoscience, Math, Physical Sciences, polar research, Social/Behavioral, Public information, and US science statistics.

Pest Management Program--State of California Contents: University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program listings including Imperial County Pesticide Summary. Contents: California Pesticide Use Summaries --1993 - Imperial County.

Secretariá de Medio Ambiente, Recursos Naturales y Pescas Contents: All sorts of information from Mexico's Secretary of the Environment; Natural Resources and Fisheries. Content: Regional maps for Mexico. Contents: Frontera Norte (Northern Border) organizations and related websites; program for mapping of the border region. In development.

NASA - Remote Sensing and Other Images of the Salton Sea Contents: Earth view from Gemini 5 of The Imperial Valley, California and Arizona on Earth. Contents: NASA Photo of the Salton Sea Contents: NASA Metadata image of the Pacific Coast; access to their main collection. Contents: Salton Sea LANDSAT TM PHOTO from NASA tutorial page Contents: Space Shuttle Earth observations photography; detailed Salton Sea photograph.

National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC) Contents: Mortality and pathology link for the Salton Sea. Contents: National Wildlife Health Center Quarterly Wildlife Mortality Report Western Region.

Nature Conservancy -Dos Palmas Oasis Preserve Contents: Dos Palmas Oasis Preserve; information on Mexican Fan Palms; The Dos Palmas Oasis Preserve; LANDSAT imagery.

Pacific Institute, The

Http:// Contents: Information on the Colorado River Delta and Upper Gulf Restoration Project and an excerpt from the institute's publication, "The Sustainable use of Water in the Lower Colorado River Basin"

River Network, The Contents: a grassroots organization to help people organize to protect and restore rivers and watersheds; many online resources and links; sponsors a listserv, rivernet-information.

Salton Sea Information Contents: News, updates of information about the sea, public forum, background, articles and numerous links. Contents: Historical background and perspective by Steve Horvitz, Superintendent of The Salton Sea State Recreation Park

Salton Sea, The Contents: origins; 1996 die-off pelicans and other birds; Salton Sea State Recreation Area; campgrounds; Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge; biological diversity; bird viewing tips.

Salton Sea Test Base Contents: Waste Site Needs; Name: Salton Sea Test Base/Salton Sea Test Base Owner: Sandia

San Diego County Water Authority Contents: History, water conservation and transer, reclamation, facts sheets, press releases, IID partnership summary, desalinization, education, meetings and member agencies.

San Diego Natural History Museum Information on their missioon, exhibits, research interests, education, events and volunteer program.

Santa Clara de Golfo Site Contents: Santa Clara de Golfo information.

San Francisco Bay Estuary Toxic Contaminants Project Contents: Related site-The San Joaquin Delta : Influences Of Riverine Inputs, local land use, and Managed flows.

Sea of Cortez University of Arizona Contents: Introduction to region, Ecology, and current news.

Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy (SCERP) Contents: Reports and abstracts of All SCERP projects, GIS initiatives and data sets (includes examples from SCERP projects), Bibliography of published results of SCERP efforts, SCERP participants' recommended sites.
SCERP people and institutions and other border-related sites, SCERP project highlights. Contents: Part 3: Energy Use in Baja California; Energy Sources and Infrastructure in Baja California; Image of the Western Section: U.S.-Mexico Electric Power System; and Generating Facilities Baja California.

Seismology Contents: Information from the Berkeley Seismology Station.

Southern California Seismographic Network digital Broadband Stations -TERRAscope and USGS Digital Stations Fault map of active faults in Southern California Region. Southern California Southern Region clickable page to describe faults. Contents: Introduction to the network of systems; Clickable map for the current southern California TERRAscope stations, U.S.Geological Survey digital stations a, and AMOES stations and faults lines.
Superstition Mountain Station-Imperial County Contents: Picture of Superstition Mountain site and information about its instrumentation and system.

Southwest Center for Biological Diversity Contents: Conservation biology and action strategies, campaigns, white papers. Soon to have information on the lower delta of the Colorado River.

Southwest Center for Environmental Research and Policy Contents:Project Title-Development of Best Management Practices for Water and Riparian Resources Along the Santa Cruz Watershed, U.S./Mexico Border

Southwestern Wildlands and Recreation Areas Contents: Phone and address guide to southwestern wildlands & recreation areas: Tucson Area; Mexico; Southwestern Arizona; Southeastern Arizona; Eastern Arizona and Western New Mexico; Central Arizona; Northern Arizona; and Other Areas In The West

Southern California Integrated GPS Network (SCIGN) Contents: Homepage, overview, organization, projects, education module, station location maps. Contents: Existing California earthquake station sites

Sun's Joules: Geothermal Contents: The Sun's Joules Geothermal at Salton Sea; large undeveloped geothermal reservoir which went undeveloped for years.

State Park Reservations Contents: Information on making reservations in California State Parks

State Water Resources Control Board Contents: Resolutions, Plans, Permits, Wateer Law and Regulations, Bay/Delta, Regional Boards, Water Rights, and Links.

State Water Resources Control Board - San Diego Region Contents: San Diego Basic Plan, Leaking Underground Storage Information System, Triennial Review and EPA Information.

Union Tribune Newspaper Archives Contents: Daily news and feature; free sign on for the archives.

United Nations Environment Program - Global Lake & Catchment Conservation Database Contents: prototype database for all the world's lakes and reservoirs larger than 100 km2 ; for each gives latitude, longitude, surface area, elevation and type of surrounding terrain; size-frequency distribution of world's lakes; remotely sensed changes in lake level for selected lakes; much else.

University of Arizona Sea of Cortez Contents: Introduction to region, Ecology, and current news.

University of California Davis

Salton Sea project Contents: Water currents and circulation, historical perspective, basin map, bottom topography, management models and project reports.
Salt Cedar Removal - Coachella Valley National Wildlife Refuge Contents: Project description for Salt Cedar removal project at the Coachella Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

University of California San Diego - Salton Sea/Aral Sea Content: SGI images; space images with distance; Salton Sea; salinity, San Andreas fault, Salton Trough; pollutants; Aral Sea photographs and information.

University of Redlands Contents: University of Redlands home page.
Center for Environmental Management Contents: Objectives and facilities of Center; Access to Salton Sea Database Program and California Historical Resources Information System.

University of Southern California, Southern California Earthquake Center Contents: (SCEC), Science and Technology Center of the National Science Foundation. Content: Faults map of Southern California Contents: Fault Map -- Southern Section of the Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge area; zoom features. Contents: Faults in California, Southern Region

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Lower Colorado River Region Contents: Information for the lower Colorado River Region; description of the Sensitive Species of the lower Colorado River Program; access to area offices including Southern California.
Lower Colorado River Management Contents Accounting System; Water conservation Center; Offstream Storage; river Operations.
Salton Buttes Lava Dunes Contents: Salton Buttes Lava Dunes.
Salton Sea Restoration Plan Contents: RFPs for research; RFPs for EIRs/EISs; Overall Work Plan; Notice of Intent; Notice of Preparation
Salton Sea Study Contents: Salton Sea Study; Staff Bios.
Biological Assessment of the Lower Colorado River Contents: Biological Assessment of the Lower Colorado River; environmental baseline for the historic and present biological communities on the lower Colorado River; riparian, marsh and aquatic communities; natural history, distribution, and abundance of the endangered, threatened, proposed threatened or sensitive species identified; analysis of the effects on each species resulting from current lower Colorado River operation and maintenance activities; much other information.
Salton Sea Restoration Project Contents: Project Organization; EIS/EIR Efforts;RFP/Requests for Proposals; Public Meetings; Reports; Other Resources and Upcoming Events.
U.S. Bureau of Land Management-Algodones Dunes Contents: Description of the North Algodones Wilderness Area and some its flora and fauna.Project Goals and History Contents: Off-highway vehicle riding; includes Imperial Sand Dunes.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Pacific Region Contents: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California; Hawaii and the Pacific Islands Mike Spear, Regional Director; Good source of uupdates on mortality and pathology of fish and wildlife at the Sea.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Publications Contents: Links to addresses of Refuge System Units and unit brochures/leaflets. Articles such as:Salton Sea Phase IV Sampling(1995); Imperial Water Conservation Plan (1995); Information on the Eared Grebe 1994 die-off; Algal biotoxins; Links to: California Studies; contaminant reports on wildlife in Southern California; National Wildlife Refuge System and Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge hunting announcements.
U.S. Geological Survey Contents: Information for the National USGS Center, Reston, Virginia; access to all USGS and related websites---Links to: geologic information; water resources information; national mapping information; mode of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI); water resources. Contents: USGS California projects; California current conditions; library, reports; access to regional offices; national conditions, selected water resources bibliography, abstracts and studies. Contents: Information for the USGS Earth Science Center in Salt Lake City; The Great Salt Lake; Information by State Publications; USGS Water Resources Division; investigations and cooperative studies; internet resources. Contents: detailed study and assessment of irrigation drainage in The Salton Sea Area. Contents: USGS Data Report, California Water Resources 1994 for the Salton Sea. Contents: USGS Data Report, California Water Resources 1994 for the Whitewater River.
EROS Contents: Data Center Earth Resources Observation Systems main menu, products and services; publications; programs; national mapping information.
Florida Caribbean Science Center (Old address-- Contents: Information relating to the Florida Carribbean Science Center, a research facility of the Biological Resources Division, USGS. Contents: Nonindigenous aquatic species including species found in our region, e.g. Hydrilla verticillata and Tilapia zillii
Internet Resources for the Biologist Contents: Fantastic source to sites of interest to Biologists/Ecologists: HTTP Servers; Gopher Servers; Wide Are Information Servers (WAIS); FTP Servers.
US Dept of Geological Survey Salton Sea Scientific Drilling Project½csd/salton_sea/sci_mang/geosur 86_a.html Contents: Report; figures; tables; Salton Sea scientific drilling management plan and more.

U.S. Water News Contents: News concerning water and water issues in the USA. US Water News coverage includes water supply, water quality, policy and legislation, litigation and water rights, conservation, climate, and international water news.

University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States, The (UC MEXUS) Contents: List of affiliated research personnel and Staff, 1997-98, research areas, publication program, seminars, public education activities, researchers-in-residence program, and who's who in San Diego-Tijuana cross border affairs.

University of Texas-LANIC Contents: Gateway to sites from and about Latin America; Mexico; environment.

Washington Post Contents: Articles on the Salton Sea such as: Bacteria killing many fish, birds In California can infect humans.

Water Education Foundation Contents: Summary of "California Water Issues"; bimonthly magazine "Western Water", partially online; catalog of water-related maps, books, videos, and educational materials for sale; announcements of WEF-sponsored tours.

Woodshole Oceanographic Institute Contents: Information on the Woodshole Oceanographic Institute; news; publications; weekly calendar; Oceanographic research.
Harmful Algae Contents: Photos of visible "Red Tide" blooms; species responsible for the harmful effects; adverse impacts on higher trophic levels; Human illness associated with Harmful Algal Blooms; Harmful Algal Blooms in Your Region; FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Harmful Algal Blooms.

Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission Contents: Commission appointed by U.S. president to review water resource problems in 19 western states; case studies and reports

Whitewater River Revegetation Project Contents: Whitewater River revegetation project description.

Wildlife Refuges:

Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge Contents: Description and directions to Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge
California Wildlife Refuges Contents: Clickable California map of all of the wildlife refuges; short description of each including pictures/ includes the Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge.
Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Contents: Descriptions and directions to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Contents: Birding Checklists of the Cibola Wildlife Refuge.
National Wildlife Refuge, Coachella Valley - Salt Cedar Removal Contents: Project description for Salt Cedar removal.
National Wildlife Refuge, Salton Sea-Colorado Basin Region Contents: Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge; background on the Refuge Contents: Importance of the Salton Sea issue/EC-Studies3.htm#ss Contents: Contaminant studies.
National Wildlife Refuge, Salton Sea Contents: Birding information of South West Arizona. Contents:Saving the Salton Sea-downloadable pdf file. Contents: Why is the Salton Sea Important?
Havusu National Wildlife Refuge Contents: Descripton and directions to Lake Havasu Wildlife Refuge
Imperial Wildlife Refuge Contents: Description and directions to Imperial Wildlife Refuge Contents: Birding Checklist of the Imperial Wildlife Refuge.

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