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Center for Inland Waters

1. Mission

The mission of the Center for Inland Waters (CIW) is to foster interdisciplinary research among scientists and other scholars and to focus the application of their collective expertise to the solution of water-related problems in southern California and adjoining regions. One major regional focus for the Center will be the Salton Sea, the lower Colorado River, and the Coachella, Imperial and Mexicali valleys. Another will be the streams, rivers and reservoirs of the Pacific drainages of southern California. Topical foci for the Center will include water supply, water use, and water law and policy in the American Southwest and northwestern Mexico, groundwater hydrology, overdrafts and contamination, water-borne diseases, agricultural water use practices, freshwater aquaculture, water quality in drinking water reservoirs, restoration and protection of wildlife habitat along the Colorado River and in its delta, and in the Santa Margarita and Tijuana river watersheds, and collaborative projects with Mexican scientists, professionals and institutions in all these areas.

1.1 The primary goals of the Center for Inland Waters are

a. to conduct original research on inland water resources and on lake, reservoir and river ecosystems

b. to support graduate and undergraduate education at SDSU by helping coordinate courses and curricula that deal with inland water-related issues, by developing new courses, and by developing new facilities (e.g. a field laboratory at the Salton Sea) that can be used for thesis research, special study projects, and class field trips, as well as faculty research.

c. to support public outreach programs, through public lectures, workshops, symposia, etc., and to apply research results to help solve inland water environmental problems (e.g. by making new information available to public resource agencies)