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Two new collections of scientific papers on the Salton Sea, the largest lake in California and one of the world's more dynamic salt lakes have been published recently, one in Lake and Reservoir Management and oone in Hydrobiologia

Their respective tables of content are given at the bottom of this message, along with information on how to order the volumes and email addresses of authors for requesting individual papers. Given certain problems with printing of the volumes, the quality of the individual pdfs is sometimes higher than than will be found in the volumes themselves.

We also announce an
important 15-page Supplement to the LRM issue that is available as a pdf on the SDSU Center for Inland Waters.

That Supplement consists of all the front materials for the LRM volume that were deleted or damaged by a censorious and unprofessional directorate (Executive Director and Executive Committee) of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS), publisher of LRM. These materials include the deleted dedication of the special issue by its authors to LRM editor Jim LaBounty and the 6400-word official preface for the issue, titled A Symposium and a Lake in Multiple Contexts: A Prefatory Essay on Salton Sea Science and Politics. The Supplement also includes an essay titled Axing Truth. This is an account of the heavy-handed political censorship by the NALMS Directorate that explains why the official preface was omitted from the LRM issue and describes other unprofessional acts by the NALMS Directorate that damaged the quality of this special issue of LRM.

Persons obtaining a copy of the LRM issue should print out the pdf of the Supplement and keep it with their copy. If your library subscribes to LRM, you might insert a copy of this supplement inside the Salton Sea issue of LRM (vol. 23, no. 5, 2007).

Please forward this message to colleagues, decisionmakers and students who might be interested in the Salton Sea or other salt lakes or the ethical, political and environmental issues raised in Axing Truth and the Official Preface

Stuart H. Hurlbert, Editor

Salton Sea Centennial Symposium




Tables of Contents & Ordering Information

Salton Sea Centennial Symposium, Parts 1 and 2


Email addresses of corresponding authors are given at end of each author list.

They will provide to you on request free pdfs of the papers they have authored.


Salton Sea Centennial Symposium, Part 1, S.H. Hurlbert, ghost editor. Lake and Reservoir Management 23(5), 2007. 196 pp. Price:  $20. To order, contact


Stuart H. Hurlbert

Fish and fish-eating birds at the Salton Sea: a century of boom and bust

Allen H. Hurlbert, Thomas W. Anderson, Kenneth K. Sturm and Stuart H. Hurlbert:

Stratification, sulfide, worms, and decline of the Eared grebe (Podiceps nigricollis) at the Salton Sea, California

Thomas A. Anderson, Mary Ann Tiffany and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Coping with multiple stressors: physiological mechanisms and strategies in fishes of the Salton Sea

Brian A. Sardella, Victoria Matey and Colin J. Brauner;

Length-weight relations and growth rates of dominant fishes of the Salton Sea and implications for predation by fish-eating birds

Ralf Riedel, Lucille M. Caskey and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Selenium, arsenic, DDT and other contaminants in four fish species in the Salton Sea, California, their temporal trends and their potential impact on human consumers and wildlife

Marie F. Moreau , Janie Surico-Bennett, Marie Vicario-Fisher, Russell Gerads, Richard M. Gersberg and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Decline in springtime abundance of the pileworm Neanthes succinea in relation to hydrographic conditions at the Salton Sea, California

Deborah M. Dexter, Joan S. Dainer, Paul M. Detwiler, Marie F. Moreau, and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Phytoplankton dynamics of the Salton Sea, 1997-1999

Mary Ann Tiffany, Maria R. GonzĂ°lez, Brandon K. Swan, Kristen M.  Reifel, James M. Watts, and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Ciliate plankton dynamics and survey of ciliate diversity in the Salton Sea, 1997-1999

Mary Ann Tiffany, Brandon K. Swan, Glenn F. Gebler, Jeffrey C. Cole, Maria R. GonzĂ°lez, Kristen M. Reifel, James M. Watts, Eugene B. Small and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Dramatic blooms of Prymnesiumsp. (Prymnesiophyceae) and Alexandrium margalefii (Dinophyceae) in the Salton Sea, California

Mary Ann Tiffany, Jennifer Wolny, Matthew Garrett, Karen Steidinger and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Diffusive flux of selenium between lake sediment and overlying water: assessing restoration alternatives for the Salton Sea

Earl R. Byron and Harry M. Ohlendorf;

Sulfide irruptions and gypsum blooms in the Salton Sea as detected with satellite imagery, 1979-2006

Mary Ann Tiffany, Susan L. Ustin and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Spatial and temporal patterns of transparency and light attenuation in the Salton Sea, California, 1997-1999

Brandon K. Swan, Kristen M. Reifel, Mary A. Tiffany, James M. Watts and Stuart H. Hurlbert;

Salton Sea Centennial Symposium, Part 2, S.H. Hurlbert, guest editor. Developments in Hydrobiologia, vol. 201, 2008. 195pp. Price: $169.To order, see the book's webpage at


Stuart H. Hurlbert

Response in the water quality of the Salton Sea, California, to changes in phosphorus loading: an empirical modeling approach

Dale M. Robertson, S. Geoffrey Schladow;

Long-term changes in the phosphorus loading to and trophic state of the Salton Sea, California

Dale M. Robertson, S. Geoffrey Schladow, G. Chris Holdren;

Reducing dissolved phosphorus loading to the Salton Sea with aluminum sulfate

I.R. Rodriguez, Christopher Amrhein, Michael A. Anderson;

Laboratory studies on the coprecipitation of phosphate with calcium carbonate in the Salton Sea, California

I.R. Rodriguez, Christopher Amrhein, Michael A. Anderson;

A linked hydrodynamic and water quality model for the Salton Sea

Eu Gene, Chung, S. Geoffrey Schladow, Joaquim Perez-Losada, Dale M.Robertson;

Barnacle growth rate on artificial substrate in the Salton Sea, California

Jeff B. Geraci, Christopher Amrhein, Chris.C. Goodson;

Relating fish kills to upwellings and wind patterns in the Salton Sea

Belen Marti-Cardona, T.E. Steissberg, S.Geoffrey Schladow, Simon J. Hook;

Properties and distribution of sediment in the Salton Sea, California: an assessment of predictive models

Michael A. Anderson, L. Whiteaker, E. Wakefield, and Christopher Amrhein; Geochemistry of iron in the Salton Sea, California

Jason de Koff, Michael A. Anderson, Christopher Amrhein;

Transport and distribution of trace elements and other selected inorganic constituents by suspended particulates in the Salton Sea basin, California, 2001

Lawrence A. LeBlanc, Roy A. Schroeder;

Organochlorine pesticide, polychlorinated biphenyls, metals and trace elements in waterbird eggs from Salton Sea, California, 200

Charles J. Henny, Thomas W. Anderson, John J. Crayon;

Occurrence, distribution and transport of pesticides into the Salton Sea basin, California, 2001-2002

Lawrence A. LeBlanc, Kathryn M. Kuivila;

Impacts of perchlorate in the Colorado River on the Salton Sea, California

G. Chris Holdren, Kevin Kelly, Paul Weghorst;

Fundamentals of estimating the net benefits of ecosystem preservation: the case of the Salton Sea

Kurt A. Schwabe, Peter W. Schumann, Kenneth A. Baerenklau, Nermin Nergis;