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Information and Links to...

Premedical Academic Requirements (initial handout and prerequisites)
Making the Decision to Become a Physician (from the AAMC)

Information on Osteopathic Medicine from the National Association of Advisors to the Health Professions
Information on Allopathic Medicine from the National Association of Advisors to the Health Professions

Information on Allopathic Medicine Schools from the National Association of Advisors to the Health Professions

The Next Generation (from New England Journal of Medicine)

SDSU Premedical Clubs and Organizations-- (See Calendar/Club Information)

Bio 250A--Topics in Medicine (Fall only) 
Careers in the Health Professions (Spring only) 
List of All PPHA Office Classes 

Request for letter of evaluation
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MCAT Registration
Medical School Search and MCAT Score Comparison Tool
Practice Tests
Practice Tests (free)

Occupational Outlook Handbook
Osteopathic Medical Schools listed in descending order by MCAT

Local Associations and physicians
San Diego County Medical Society
Carolle Jean-Murat, MD--Wonderful local gynocologist and author

Premedical Book List
On the Edge of the Primeval Forest by Albert Schweirzer
Beyond Love by Dominique Lapierre
The Anatomy of Hope by Jerome Groopman, MD
Heal Thy Self by Saki Santorelli
Complications by Atul Gawande
Better by Atul Gawande
The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

National Associations and Application

American College of Physicians (ACP)
AAMC Home Page Association of American Medical Colleges
AMSA Homepage American Medical Student Association home page
AMSA Premedical Homepage
AMA-MSS Home Page The American Medical Association's Medical Student Section homepage.
AAMC Events and News AAMC Annual Meeting: Current Information
Application Status Check System  (Available by June 1)--This System will allow applicants to check on the status of their transcripts and applications.
Medical school deadline extensions
American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Provides information on the admission process, the colleges, and the profession.
AMA The American Medical Association
Virtual Mentor from the AMA (Ethics)
American Academy of Family Physicians (Allopathic)
American Medical News
Student National Medical Association (Students of color)
California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB)
Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP)
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)
Physicians for Human Rights

Osteopathic Medicine Information
American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Provides information on the admission process, the colleges, and the profession.
History of Osteopathic Medicine from NYCOM

Find an Osteopathic Physician

Information on osteopathic physicians practicing overseas

Choosing the Right School?
US News -compare medical schools

Feedback on Medical School Interviews and acceptances

Advice from Medical and Premedical Students or others about the Process (We are not responsible for errors in this advice)
Dave Sacco, (I have concerns about his timeline and information on AMCAS-E, but he is right on the money in most areas.)
The Premed Zone
The Diary of a PreMed-Preface to the Journal
Chat with other Premeds (MedicalStudent.net)--Lots of links and information
Premedical Student's Page--with links
MCAT--not clear on authority--Double check before using advice
Nontraditional Medical student
Older Premeds
Student Doctor Network

Bioethics Forum of Princeton University
On-line Journel of Health Ethics

Rural Medicine
Rural Medicine
Rural Medical Educator or
Rural Medicine Educator
The Word of Rural Medicine Education

Patch Adams
American Journal of Medicine (Physiology articles)
Association of American Indian Physicians
Medscape- The National Library of Medicine's MEDLINE abstracts
Medstudents- Clinical case studies from Brazil!
PubMedThe National Library of Medicine's search service to MEDLINE (with links to online journals)
Paramedic to RN (website dedicated to paramedic education)
Indigenous Healing Traditions
Integrated Medical Curriculum (dissect cadavers online, cell bio, physiology, med ethics
National Library of Medicine (Medline direct)
Galaxy-This has links to everything from diseases to occupations to informatics to surgery to philosophy to therapeutics to articles to commercial organizations to directories to discussion groups to organizations...
The C. Everet Koop Institute at Dartmouth
Medical School and the MCAT- Kaplan An overview of the admission process
National Center for Infectious Diseases
National Institute on Aging
National Institutes of Health (consumer info)
American Heart Association
American Cancer Society
Internet Health Resources Internet Wide Resources as well as Local Southern California Resources
National Institutes of Health Among other topics, this includes the NIH Information Index (a subject-word guide to diseases and conditions under investigation at NIH).
Food and Drug Administration
Department of Health and Human Services
World Health Organization
Worldwide Health Sciences Resources
Profiles of Physicians Featured in the book "50 Most Positive Doctors in America"
Medical Schools.com
MomMD--Women in Medicine
The Physician's Resource

Surgeon General
Wellness Services at Medical Schools (From AMSA)
Webpath--Pathology Website
Integrative Family Medicine (Arizona)

Other Premed Advisors' Sites
CSU Pomona

Good Books for Premeds

Informed Premed.com


Plan B
University of Buffalo Masters in Biomedical Sciences
For spouses
Postbac Programs

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