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Specific Requirements and Qualifications

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General Requirements

G.P.A. overall-Allopathic/Osteopathic - 3.0...........All others - 2.6

Must have an active file in the Preprofessional Health Advising (PPHA) Office


60 hours minimum (of on-site participation) are required for the semester for one unit of credit. Additional units for more hours may be earned by arrangement for specific internships..

10 page research report reviewing a disease or condition encountered during the internship. This is due by the first day of finals.

Health care professionals are held to high ethical standards. Please be aware of the school's policy on academic dishonesty requiring professors to report all cases of academic dishonesty.

Written evaluation (1/2-1 page, single spaced) of your experience in the internship. This is due by the first day of finals.

Must be enrolled in Bio 348 ( throught the PPHA office) for credit.

To take Bio 348 you must:

1) Complete/submit an Internship Application-Bio 348 form by the appropriate deadline. Some internships may require proof of vaccinations for medical tests and/or an additional application to that organization. If you are accepted for the internship by the PPHA office you must obtain an add code from the PPHA Office during the first week of school.

2) Once you have an add code, enroll in Bio348 for the arranged number of units. In the performance of your internship, it is your responsibility to notify your supervisor if you are going to be absent. Make sure that you wear professional clothing when you are on site. To receive credit for an internship, you must register for the class.

Your paper should include:

a. A literature review of the topic

b. A description of clinical assessment, treatment and prognosis

c. Conclusion

d. References or Bibliography

At least 5 journal articles must be referenced that were published within the last two years. No book sources are to be used. Be sure to reference quotations or ideas within the body of the text as well as in the reference/bibliography section.

Use the following format for scientific journal articles in your bibliography or references section:

Hall, C. 1995. Effects of thiamine deficiency on thermostasis and circadian rhythm SDSU McNair Journal 2:181-189.

For Website citations:

Hall, C. 1995. Effects of thiamine deficiency on thermostasis and circadian rhythm.
Available: http://url address.

You will be graded for the one unit course based on your participation as evaluated by 1) the physicians and staff administering the internship, 2) your paper, and 3)your written evaluation of the experience. However, if you earn an incomplete (I), the highest grade possible, when all requirements are filled, is a B. Your grade will be based on the quality of your work, and how promptly the missing work is submitted. For courses that are more than one unit, a CR/NCR grading system may be required.

All internship papers and evaluations are due the first weekday of finals.

A half-to 1 page written evaluation of your experience in the internship must also be submitted at the same time for you to earn a grade.


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