Harding Scholarship Announcement

Application: http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/preprof/HardingScholarshipAp.html


The Harding Predental Scholarships are awarded to outstanding predental students to participate in a summer preceptor program. In the recent past this has been at Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University, NYU, and USC. During a month in the summer, students attend a dental program where they may visit dental practices, attend presentations, carry out a research project (including a paper and presentation), and participate in hands-on workshops.

The Harding Trust was establilshed in1981 to promote development of technical writing skills among predental students. The fund pays for student travel and housing costs and allows for a stipend for food for the month students are attending a program at a dental school. In return, students write a technical report and agree to participate fully in the Preventive Dentistry Program in fall and spring semesters of the following semester.

Applications are due in the Preprofessional Health Advising Office by April 11.

Students who are selected for the program may need to provide their immunization information to the school prior to beginning the program.

Criteria for Harding Dental Scholarship:

1.Student is required to do a dental related research project at the research facility of the dental school. If the student wishes to volunteer at the dental school, hours can be negotiated.
2. Student will be attending the school five days a week, a minimum of six hours a day, for a minimum of one month.
3. Student will be required to keep a daily journal of what they have learned and toward the end of the program, create a portfolio with pictures of their experience to be included with the daily journal.
4. Student will be required at the end of the program to submit a 10 page, double spaced paper of their learning experience and research, and conduct a presentation for the pre dental students of SDSU the following fall.

Selected students must show commitment, dedication, professionalism, and maturity in the program.

How to get the Harding Dental Scholarship Started:

1. Select dental schools where you would like to spend a summer doing reseach and verify reasearch availability.
2. Get in contact with admissions and faculty on the dental school campus to discuss the Harding Dental Scholarship, and determine if they would like to participate in conducting such a program.
3. Request a list of dental-related research mentors. Student should look up faculty members and evaluate the research faculty's field of interest to see if this is something the student would be interested in researching and learn about.
4.Contact faculty of the dental school via email or phone introducing the Harding Dental Scholarship and expectations of the program and request them to become a mentor for the program.
5. Follow up emails and phone calls after a few weeks to verify acceptance of email and what steps are needed to proceed with the dental school.(health test, student verification, etc)
6. Set up an interview with their mentor to better understand research and give the mentor the opportunity to get to know student.
7. In the meantime, let Donalene and Barb know the dental school of interest and provide the contacts of the mentors to them to send a formal letter to introduce the Harding Dental Scholarship.
7. Once interview is complete and student and faculty both agree on the terms and conditions of the program. Mentor and student will need to sign an agreement to proceed.
8.Once thr agreement is complete, student is responsible for finding housing on campus or near the dental school.
9. Student will be required to put together a proposal for the cost of housing, gas, food, and the length of time student will be there for Donalene to verify and process information to the foundation.
10.Once the proposal has been cleared, student must fill out paperwork to have funds transferred.
11. Student will then be ready for a great summer learning experience!