Courses Associated with the SDSU

Preprofessional Health Advising Office

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The classes associated with the Preprofessional Health Advising Office include:

Biology 250A--Topics in Medicine (scheduled in the Fall)

Biology 250B--Topics in Dentistry (scheduled in the Spring)

Biology 250C--Topics in Veterinary Medicine (scheduled in the Fall)

Biology 249--Career Choices in the Health Professions (scheduled in the Spring)

Biology 340A--Preventive Dentistry (Fall and Spring)

*Biology 340B--Coordinators and leadership positions for Biology 340B

Biology 348--Internships (Fall and Spring)

*PH499--Coordinators for Bio250A,B,C

*PH 499--Peer Advisors *The leadership required to be a coordinator, officer, or peer advisor is recognized by health professional schools as a factor in selecting among candidates for their incoming classes.