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Two units--Letter grade

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General Duties: Full participation is an important part of being an officer. Therefore, all directors must attend each meeting and stay until the end of the workshop. All directors except the class co-coordinators must fulfill the assignments for Bio340A and serve as Directors. Each director will be assigned and responsible for coordinating a series of trips with the dental club, giving presentations, producing the annual, or marketing. The responsibilities will include: mentoring, tracking attendance, and otherwise following up on student needs. In addition, each officer will be responsible for training his or her apprentice.


1. Coordinator: Oversees the workings of the course and maintains the structure, organization and functionality of Bio 340A and 340B. Acts as a mentor for the Co-coordinator and submits an Apprentice Preparation sheet and Apprentice Evaluation directly to the instructor for the Co-coordinator. Oversees the responsibilities of the Directors. Submits 340A grades for Directors the day after the class final. Schedules and conducts meetings of the Directors as needed (Including a review of this syllabus at the beginning of the semester stressing director responsibilities, apprentice preparation sheet, and apprentice evaluation). Finds and schedules speakers/workshop leaders and sets up Fall Potluck with the Co-coordinator. Introduces speakers. Grades half of the Service Learning Reflection papers before submitting them to instructor for final review. Submits notebook with letter/evaluation for the new coordinator the day after the 340A final. Conducts the written evaluation of the class including speakers and class officers. A summary of the evaluation and a printed grade sheet is due the day after the final. Provides recognition for outstanding work by class members/Directors as appropriate.

2. Co-coordinator: Updates grades weekly on Blackboard using input from the Oral Hygiene Director, observation hour sheets, and attendance sheets. Obtains parking passes for speakers. Obtains and retains AS Trip Waivers and pledges. Provides facilities manager with signed HIPAA forms after training. Verifies that directors are on Blackboard for Biology 340A. Sets up room for workshops. Finds and schedules speakers/workshop leaders and sets up Fall Potluck with the Coordinator. Conducts class meetings including review of assignments, trips, and speakers. Verifies that speakers are comfortable and have water (in PPHA office) as necessary. Grades half of the Service Learning Reflection papers before submitting them to instructor for final review. Submits notebook with letter/evaluation for the new Co-coordinator the day after the class final. Verifies class attendance. Prepares all speaker invitations and thank you letters. Obtains access to the classroom from the facilities manager.

3. Marketing Director: Raises funds and promotes the program through campus media, fliers, posters, etc. Works with the club treasurers to put put funds in the bank account for use with workshops and the annual.

4. Trip Directors: Organize and coordinate with the club a minimum of three field trips, spread out over the semester. This includes recruiting students, keeping attendance, and organizing transportation. Completed trip sign in sheets must be submitted to the Oral Hygiene Director within one week of each trip. Provide dates and times of trips to instructor to include in the class syllabus no later than three weeks after the first class meeting. Photos should be uploaded to photobucket within a week after a trip. (Directors may wish to send out announcements via Blackboard to collect photos.) Link to trip sign up sheet. The directors will also train their apprentices and help them plan their trips. Each apprentice should be responsible for one trip.

5. Oral Hygiene Trainer: Provides dental hygiene instructions to all students and verifies that ALL students know the material. This includes a presentation and test early in the semester. Collects verification of trip attendance, hygiene presentations, and observation hours.

6. Annual Editors: Create, publish, and distribute the Predental Annual. Since this is a year long assignment, a working timeline is developed in the first month of the fall semester and progress on the timeline must be turned in each semester with the notebook. The annual must be completed before the end of the Spring semester for the editors to receive their spring grades. Work with the Marketing Director to find advertising and other funding for the annual.

Predental Annual Editor Responsibilities


Directors will receive a letter grade based on:

The Coordinator and Co-Coordinator will be graded on everything under the directors grades above except they are exempt from earning Biol 340A points. However, they must have completed course grade sheets turned into the instructor the day after the 340A final. The Co-coordinator is exempted from preparing the apprentice evaluation and preparation sheet but both must complete a Director Evaluation.