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FALL 2013
Schedule #20412
GMCS-328 / Wed. 3:00-3:50 pm


Barbara Huntington, Director
email: bhuntington@mail.sdsu.edu
Preprofessional Health Advising Office GMCS-323


Class Coordinators:
Julie LaRue
Jaimie Savoie

Email: sdsuvetclass@gmail.com


Course Purpose: This seminar course is designed to teach you about the SDSU preveterinary program and the process for admission to veterinary school. A variety of specialists and professionals from the veterinary field are invited to speak in this class to give you a realistic view of the profession. This class is run by students with the professor acting in the role of facilitator. There are specific requirements to pass the class, but your input and enthusiasm are vital to making it a strong learning experience for you and your classmates.


Optional/Recommended Texts (wait to purchase until after the first day of class):

Huntington, Barbara and Masse, Linda, 2003. Writing About Me: A step by step guide to developing a powerful personal statement for your application to schools of medicine, dentistry, chiropractic, optometry, pharmacy, physician assistant, podiatry and veterinary medicine.

AAVMC. Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements in theUnited States and Canada (Latest Edition). (VMSAR) Williams   &   Wilkins

Learning Objectives:

As a result of this course, students will:

Course Evaluation: C/NC based on:

1) Attendance (based on weekly journal)

Since it is not polite to invite a speaker and then have no one show up because of studying for a final in another class, ONLY ONE UNEXCUSED ABSENCE IS ACCEPTED. Excused absences (illness, death in family) must be submitted in writing to Barbara Huntington.  To make up for any absence (unexcused or excused) you will need to write a one page double spaced paper about the topic missed due the next class period. A sign in sheet will be passed around during class and must be signed before you leave.

2)  Timely submission of assignments and speaker evaluations.

Homework assignments will be posted under assignments in blackboard. Homework must be typed and is due at the beginning of each class and must be submitted before leaving class. In cases of excused absences, homework will be accepted up until the next class meeting. Please retain copies of all assignments.

       Use this guideline for papers assigned in this class: Writing Guideline

Health care professionals are held to high ethical standards. Please be aware of the school's policy on academic dishonesty requiring professors to report all cases of academic dishonesty.

Course Evaluation: One unit course. Credit/No Credit

3. Course Work

4. Complete the speaker review sheet by due date


Class Schedule:

August 28

Speaker: Julie and Jaimie- introduction to the class

Homework: none due

September 4

Speaker: Jennifer Lonsky, DVM- small animal veterinarian, Banfield Pet Hospital

Homework: write 1 page double spaced about what made you want to be a veterinarian and read intro and chapter 1 of Writing About Me

September 11

Speaker: Craig Chandler, DVM- large animal veterinarian

Homework: first chart in Writing About Me due the at the beginning of class. Post top 5 veterinary schools and why on discussion board by midnight

September 18

Speaker: Josephine Braun- PhD/DVM research, Wildlife Conservancy, SD Zoo

Homework: complete VMCAS application and send to email by midnight

September 25

Speaker: Todd Cecil, DVM, DABVP-Avian- exotics veterinarian

Homework: complete self assessments 1 and 2 in Writing About Me

October 2

Speaker: Nikos Gurfield, DVM, DACVP- pathology

Homework: write 1 page double spaced on what is ethics.

October 9

Speaker: Peggy Barr, DVM, PhD- virology and immunology

Homework: complete self assessments 3 and 4 in Writing About Me

October 16

Speaker: Kim O’Bryan- UC Davis admissions representative

Homework:write 1 page double spaced answering: what are some alternative paths you could take in the animal related field

October 23

Speaker: Kevin Fritz, DVM- ophthalmology

Homework:ten vocabulary words and self assessment 5 in Writing About Me.

October 30

Speaker: Don Moore, DC- equine chiropractor

Homework: write 1 page double spaced about what you might want to specialize in and why.

November 6

Speaker: Barbara Huntington- how to write a personal statement

Homework: read chapters 3.4. and 5 in Writing About Me

November 13

Speaker: Diana Jones, DVM,MvSc, MA Emergency Medicine and Surgery

Homework: bullet points for ethics paper/presentation due and read chapters 6 and 7 in Writing About Me.

November 20

Speaker: Sumeet Gupta, DVM- recent veterinary school graduate

Homework: personal statements due

November 27

Speaker: no class- thanksgiving break

Homework: work on presentations

December 4

Speaker: no speaker- ethics presentations

Homework: ethics papers due

December 11

Speaker: James McBain, DVM--aquatics/Sea World

Homework: email speaker evaluation by midnight

December 16

Speaker: Mandatory Final in GMCS 328 at 4 pm

Homework: everyone is required to attend finals to fill out evaluation of class coordinators and then leave. (There will be 2 other classes in the same room)

Please retain all copies of assignments.