Preprofessional Health Advising Office

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Spring 2014
Monday 4:00PM - 4:50PM


Assignment #1

1. Print out an interest sheet stating: the field you are interested in (specialty), your major, what grade level you are, and what year you plan to enter dental school

2. Obtain an AADSAS application, print and submit the biographical data section. DO NOT include your social security number. You may leave your address and parental data blank, but make sure that your name is on the form. Do not submit the application to the service and remember to save your work on a flash drive!

3. Read Chapter 1 in Writing About Me

4. Submit 1/2 to 1 page on a dental specialty of your interest. Discuss the years of training required, typical work hours per week, types of patients seen, problems facing the profession, etc.

Assignment #2

1. Read Chapter 2 in Writing About Me and do Self Assessment Step #1 (What I have done/need to do) Worksheet pp. 6-12.

2. Complete and turn in the AADSAS sections that include colleges attended, awards, honors, activities, work and volunteer activity.

Assignment #3

1. Personal Statement Starter 1 (1 page): Describe a personal role model. What attributes of that person do you admire? How would those attributes make a good dentist?

2. Read Chapter 3 in Writing About Me and do Self Assessment Step #2 (Professional Values) Worksheet pp. 13-15.

Assignment #4

Read Chapter 4 in Writing About Me and do Self Assessment Step #3 (Characteristics of profession) Worksheet pp. 21-22.

Assignment #5

1. Read Chapter 5 in Writing About Me.

Assignment #6

1. Complete the AADSAS section on academic records. Show all work completed, in progress, and planned.

2. Read Chapter 6 in Writing About Me.

Assignment #7

1. Ethics Research Paper (3 page minimum + cited sources--peer reviewed journals)
note: more information on the Ethics paper can be found on bb under course documents

Assignment #8

1. Read Chapter 7 in Writing About Me and complete Self Assessment Step #4 (Professional Goals) and #5 (How do I look now?) Worksheet pp. 23-24.

2. Personal Statement Starter 2 (1 page): What attributes, skills or experiences make you unique? What pivotal experience(s) made you want to be a dentist? If you don't have a specific experience, what made you decide that you want to become a dentist? How did you test your desire to become a dentist (Volunteering? Research? Clinical experience? Shadowing?) Include any special instances where you felt inspired or enthusiastic about dentistry.

Assignment #9

1. Personal Statement rough draft (3-4 pages)
note: The personal statement is required of all applying dental students. The paper will be a testament of your ambition to become a dentist and is also the preliminary opportunity dental school admission officers will have to get to know you. After you receive this back, you will resubmit with corrections as part of your final portfolio.

2. Write a one page discussion of other career paths that could be taken by someone with your training.

Assignment #10

Ten year paper (1-2 pages): Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (A common secondary application question.)
Where do you see yourself in ten years from the time you apply to dental school? Where is the dental field (area, specialty, location, hospital/private or group practice)? Where in your personal life? What will you have accomplished? Do you know exactly what you want to do? Why or why not? Keep an open mind when explaining where you think you will be. Don't limit your future by narrowing your options.

Assignment #11

Top Five Schools:
A) Choose five dental schools you would like to apply to.
B) List the requirements for each dental school. (DAT, GPA, prerequisites, etc.)
C) What makes this school unique (special programs, research, hospitals, residencies, etc)
D) Explain why you want to go to this dental school.

Assignment #12

Personal Portfolio
note: more information will be given on bb under course documents