Preprofessional Health Advising Office

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Fall 2013
Monday 3:00PM - 3:50PM
Schedule Number: 20411

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Barbara W. Huntington, Director

Course Purpose

This credit/no credit seminar course is designed to expose premedical students to the diverse career opportunities that exist within medicine. A variety of specialists and professionals from the medical field are invited to speak each week to give students a realistic view of the profession. The speakers also have the opportunity to share their experiences as a pre-med, medical student, and resident.

In addition, students will become familiar with the medical school application process by completing an actual application and by writing a personal statement essay. Additionally, students will complete a medical related research paper.

This class is run by students with the professor acting in the role of facilitator. There are specific requirements to pass the class, but your input and enthusiasm are vital to making it a strong learning experience for you and your classmates.