Annual Page Assignment #2


Annual Paragraphs




Assignment: Write paragraphs for annual.


Purpose: To learn how to write annual paragraphs and how to edit these paragraphs.


Due Date:  First Monday of Spring Semester






1) Ask directors and apprentices to write paragraphs explaining their positions and how they correlate with preventive dentistry.


2) Create a template for the paragraphs and then begin writing. Construct your paragraphs with correct grammar and punctuation. Remember our audience and write according to the audience. Keep the paragraphs short and simple, but intelligent and informative. You may look at past annuals for help.


3) The length of the paragraphs should be appropriate.


4) Finally, edit your paragraphs and send your completed paragraphs to the Annual Directors

Title the e-mail with: ParagraphTitle Yourname.




Thank you for completing this assignment. This will help you learn what you should look for when you are editing your own paragraphs next year!



Below are the annual paragraphs that the past directors and apprentices have written. Your name will appear next to the paragraphs that you will need to write.




Home of Guiding Hands


The Home of Guiding Hands facilities are residential homes where adults with developmental disabilities live under the care and supervision of nurses. As the director, it is my responsibility to schedule visitations to these homes and present an oral hygiene presentation to the residents. The presentation covers preventive dentistry techniques and the proper way to brush and floss your teeth. Not only do students gain experience in teaching the importance of proper oral hygiene, but also how to communicate and help those in our community with special needs. My goal for this semester is to get as many of the new pre-dental students to participate in these trips as possible. Not only do you gain a great deal of gratification for helping those in our community, but I believe these trips can improve our communication and personable attributes. For those preparing for a career in healthcare, I find the Home of Guiding Hands trips to be both enlightening and educational.



Oral Hygiene



As aspiring dental professionals, it is important to educate our community on the topics of oral hygiene, dental anatomy, dental disease and treatment. My position as Oral Health and Hygiene Director entails that I train the students in preventive dentistry to become investigative thinkers and dental hygiene experts, so that they may take this knowledge and extend it to others. During our lesson, my apprentice and I present various dental diseases and their causes. We pose hypothetical situations to our peers, and mimic patient doctor interactions. We present scenarios that include patients with a given set of symptoms, and with the information given, students are taught to be able to identify the problem, and propose treatment. The students are then tested on how well they mastered the oral hygiene and health training. Only if the students have proven their aptitude are they allowed the privilege of joining in community outreach events such as home of guiding hands, pre-school trips, free dental screening clinics, and preach their newly found knowledge.

Oral Health and Hygiene Directors are also responsible at making sure that the free dental screenings runs smoothly and timely. We make aware the time that students are allotted to shadow volunteer dentists as they conduct their dental exams so that prospective dental students can have some hands on experience in the field. Another responsibility of the dental hygiene director and apprentice is to organize free dental screening sign up. Courtesy of the SDSU dental clinic, preventative dentistry students are able to sign up San Diego State students to get free dental screenings.

My goal for the semester is to surmount my duties as oral hygiene director and to enhance the position with new and improved ideas. I have put together a text messaging service for the SDSU preventative dentistry class that allows students to be up to date with upcoming events and the free dental screening hours. By doing so, I have established excellent quick and efficient communication between I and the rest of the students. I also wish to expand oral hygiene training to a grand level. Last year I spoke to over 300 immigrant children about health and hygiene during a presentation given at a local church. It was a rewarding experience for I and the rest of my peers who were involved. I hope to educate more children on the bases of good oral care and nutrition. I feel that as a future healthcare professional it is my duty to reach out to those children who are less fortunate. Who come from war torn countries, or extreme poverty. There are many individuals within this country, who are unaware of the existence of floss, let alone a toothbrush, and it is a difficult thing to fathom however, it is reality. Immigrants especially, those who come from third world countries, whose health comes secondary to survival, have never been taught the importance of a healthy diet or maintaining oral care, simply because they were cheated out of this privilege. I feel that as Oral Hygiene director, I have an obligation to teach the denied, and provide them with the necessary tools to regain or maintain their health as best I could. For that reason, my goal for this semester is to do just that, and I will do this by continuing g to hold health presentations for large groups of underprivileged children as well as adults.



Preschool Trips


As the director of preschool trips comes responsibilities and in order to have a successful trip, necessary duties must be fulfilled. It is important to establish contact information with local elementary schools or preschools so trips can be planned to visit schools. After contacts have been made, a presentation date must be set and a sign up sheet is passed around for students to confirm their attendance on the trip. Through activities, the students demonstrate oral health care and proper oral hygiene for the children. These trips allow us to reach out to the youth and help our community at the same time. 



As the Marketing Director, the main objective is to generate monetary donations through fundraisers, sponsors, local and alumni dentists, and any conventions such as CEA and CDA. The marketing component of the class is an essential key as it provides the students with materials and supplies necessary for class activities. Aside from monetary donations, simple donations such as toothbrushes and toothpastes allows us to put together goody-bags for the children we visit during our oral hygiene presentations at local pre-schools. If surplus material becomes available, we will sell these items on eBay and use its cash value for other purposes. Marketing the class and club is a crucial driving force for the overall success of the class. Without the necessary funds, dental related activities and school trips would either not occur or would cost the students themselves extra money. 



Community Outreach


Preventative Dentistry's community outreach division is a dedicated effort by pre-dents to connect our passion with the public. Oral hygiene concepts and practices are made accessible to San Diego's youth through our fun and informative events. By visiting schools and after-school programs we provide a safe and friendly environment for them to learn in, mentor students on the basics of how to care for their teeth, and plan educational activities and games. From bonding with the students we gain valuable insight that will make us more balanced and compassionate dentists in the future."


Preventive Dentistry

As coordinators of the preventive dentistry class we have a variety of responsibilities. First and foremost our main job is to plan the syllabus for the class each semester. This involves calling individuals (dentists, representatives from companies (Kaplan, Vinmar Solutions), community leaders, etc.) to conduct a presentation or hands on workshop for our preventive dentistry students. Each of these workshops is in conjunction to obtaining a better understanding about the dentistry field. Secondly, we run the class under the supervision and aid of Barbara Huntington. Tasks that are involved with running the class are: posting tentative grades (Barb does the final grades), keeping blackboard updated, sending announcements out, reserving the classroom, doing any other extra tasks that are asked of us from other directors or outside requests, basically, anything that involves the maintenance , order, and logistics of the preventive class we are involved in. In accordance with running the class, we advise the directors who are integral parts of the predental class leadership team and the functioning of the class. A subprogram in our class is run by one of the coordinators each semester which is the mentorship program. This program pairs students with a mentor dentist for the semester and gains one on one personal experience with a practicing dentist. Lastly, along with all of the directors we serve as positive leaders that are available to help other predental students and strive to make the program better each semester.