A Trip to Georgetown


The 2003 AMSA conference in Washington DC gave me another wonderful opportunity to visit Georgetown Medical School.  Now whenever I visit Georgetown, besides seeing the great folks in admissions, I am able to visit my friend, Gina Moses, who is a former premed advisor from USC who now works with the Special Master’s Program.  On this particular occasion, I was accompanied by 10 premed students who were attending the AMSA conference.  Since it was pouring rain, we decided not to take the “GUTS” bus, but jammed into 2 cabs to Entrance 3 of the medical school where we met with Gina and Adam Myers, Ph.D. from the famous Georgetown Postbac Program.  We were able to meet with Donna Sullivan from admissions and Susan Mulroney, Ph.D. who is on the admissions committee.   We were given a great tour by SMP Program Coordinator, Ms. Aureller Cabiness, who is a very honest and very delightful person.  This was a special day because it was Match Day (the day medical students are matched with residencies) and there were signs of celebration everywhere.  When I asked pros and cons from our premeds I received this email:



  1. BEAUTIFUL campus
  2. FRIENDLY admissions officers and staff
  3. Shuttle to take you to downtown Georgetown or metro stop



  1. Not as easy to get to metro [as GW]
  2. Campus more spread out so it would be easy to get lost at first



Another student said,


At Georgetown, I liked how the hospital building was integrated with the undergraduate building increasing the diversity within the area.  For example, doctors in their lab coats came to eat in the cafeteria alongside undergrads.  Also, there seemed to be more of a sports influence at Georgetown with the presence of undergrads.


Another said:


I have to say that I never considered Georgetown before visiting. But now that I have seen the campus I am definitely impressed with the staff and location. Georgetown is a gorgeous suburb of Washington DC. The school is not too far away from the Metro, which is also a plus. What really enhanced the experience was the attention we got from the staff as well as the atmosphere. It was a very comfortable and it was great walking through the halls and seeing activity boards filled for various organizations on campus including AMSA! Georgetown is definitely in one of my top 3 choices.


Another said:


During the visit at Georgetown's Medical School, I especially liked the enthusiasm of the admissions staff, particularly the woman who gave us the tour.  While walking through the school, she ran into several of her students and colleagues.  It was apparent that she has a strong supportive relationship with them.  Being from the West Coast and not having too many acquaintances in that area, that would help me feel much more comfortable adapting to the East Coast life.  Also, one member of our group had talked with a group of MSII's who were having a party in the building next to the medical school.  It is nice to see that even with all the stress of medical school and exams, the students have a fun time together.  Later that night after visiting the Medical School, we went back to a local Georgetown bar and grill where we met several of the med students mixed in with undergrads, showing that they have time for a social life outside of school, which is important to me.


And another…


As for Georgetown, I fell in love with that school almost instantly.  The campus is very beautiful.  Ms. Aureller Cabiness, who gave us the tour, was a wonderful and honest person. She made the tour of the campus enjoyable. The spirit of the students on match day added to the excitement of being a prospective student. Unlike some of my fellow premeds, I did like the fact that the campus was big and things were spread out.  The faculty and staff were extremely nice and helpful. I would highly recommend anyone applying to Medical school to strongly consider applying to Georgetown.


And another…


I really appreciated how accommodating the Georgetown's staff was for giving our group a tour on such short notice.  As a prospective student, I believe the attention we were given is reflective of the institute’s passion for teaching and scholarship.  Georgetown has a medical school that really cares about student success.