Barbís Visit to the

American University of the Caribbean (AUC)



Ahhh, the Caribbean!Who wouldnít want to go to school where gentle warm ocean breezes caress your study-weary brow?Ok.Wake up.There will be plenty of people (sometimes including me) who tell you to go to medical school where it is cold and miserable and all you can do is study because who wants to go out in that?



And, as always, I strongly urge folks to get accepted and go to a school in the U.S.óbut what about plan B for those who are not accepted?This is where the foreign schools come in.




If there is a void, it will be filled, and foreign schools have been providing a second chance for the unaccepted for years.If you look, you will find folks practicing medicine and veterinary medicine who have been educated at these schools, but it is best to do your homework and be sure a school is right for you.I canít tell you if AUC is right for you, but former premed, Vince Hogan tells me that the school has been very supportive and he is glad he decided to take that path.


Barb and Vince


So What did I find?

St Martin or St. Maarten is an island that is half Dutch and half French.AUC (originally started in 1978) was relocated here after an eruption of the volcano in Montserrat in 1995.Therefore, the buildings are new and beautifully decorated and are on a hill so there is an ocean view almost everywhere you look.



The school is on the Netherland Antilles side, but excellent (though expensive) dining is a short drive to the French side.Phillip Green was a gracious host and I soon learned that I knew the Dean of Basic Medical Sciences, Dr. William Thurman, from when he was with Ross University.


  Dr. William Thurman

When I talk with students they are enthusiastic about their education.They also feel that the island provides more to do than some others in the Caribbean.The rooms seem spacious and professors include folks that have taught in major medical schools in the US. If you are thinking of attending, I recommend spending the money to visit for as long as possible and then talk to the student one-on-one.They claim 3500 grads licensed in the US, so get some names and look them up.There are many ways to get to medical school.Snorkling and gazing at brightly-colored fish in an intensely blue ocean, I was ready to sign up.† So do your homework, find out if it is right for you, and send me a picture.