Biology 348--Health Professions Internship

Internship Application


Scripps Green Hospital and SDSU work in partnership to provide a one to two semester internship.

Internship candidates must have the following tests/vaccinations:

Accepted students must complete a 2-hour training session scheduled by Scripps Green Hospital and a personal interview with the volunteer manager.

        1.    Students must document a minimum of 100 hours. (Hours over 60 may be done during vacations before or after the semester).

        2.    Students must submit a 10 page, double spaced paper (with references and citations) on a subject that interests them as a result
                of the internship.  (See Guidelines.)

        3.    Students must submit a one-page evaluation of the experience itself.

This is a graded course for one unit per semester. Interns are expected to dress and behave professionally at all times.

Applications may be submitted at any time. Copies of applications will be submitted to Scripps Green Hospital for their review and they reserve the right to interview and accept candidates based on their own criteria.

Scripps Green Hospital offers several areas of interest for first hand observation experience into the world of medicine.

1.      Intensive Care Unit: This is a sophisticated, specially equipped unit for patients who need constant observation,
        nursing and monitoring. Volunteers work closely with staff performing tasks such as transporting patients, stocking
        rooms with supplies, running errands, answering phones, and light clerical tasks.

2.    Acute Care Nursing Units:

  • Medical/Oncology specializes in medical, oncology and liver transplant patients
  • Cardiopulmonary specializes in the care of heart and lung patients
  • Surgical Pavilion specializes in orthopedics, vascular surgery and neurosurgery
  • Volunteers assist staff with charts, call lights, errands, patient transport, meal service, stocking supplies, companionship for patients and light clerical tasks.
  • 3.    Ambulatory Surgery: Outpatient surgical center located in Scripps Clinic. Volunteers assist with light clerical tasks,
            errands, stocking supplies, assisting patients in recovery and discharge procedure.

    4     Cardiac Catheterization Lab: Procedure room for diagnostic and angioplasty procedures. High-volume, fast-paced
            department. Volunteers assist with light clerical activities, filing procedure films, errands, patient transport.
            Opportunity to observe procedures.