Biology 348--Health Professions Internship

Internship Application


Scripps Mercy Hospital and SDSU work in partnership to provide a one to two semester internship. Students may also volunteer directly with the hospital for no credit.


Internship candidates are required to be CPR certified (Scripps Mercy will provide you with an American Heart Savers course free of charge).

Internship candidates must have the following vaccinations/tests:

        3.    If you are placed in a critical care areas you will be asked if you have had the hepatitis B, series of shots. If you havenít we
               will ask you to either get them or sign a form declining them. We can provide them free of charge.  However, a six-month
               commitment is necessary in order to complete the series of three shots. The shots are administered as follows: one the first
               month, the second the one month later and the third shot six months from the first one.

Accepted students must complete a 2-hour training session scheduled by Scripps Mercy Hospital and a personal interview with the volunteer manager.

Students must document a minimum of 60 hours but are encouraged to serve at least 100. (Hours over 60 may be done during vacations before or after the semester).

Scripps Mercy Hospital offers several areas of interest for first hand observation experience into the world of medicine.