Clinic Director Responsibilities
Every clinic day is paired with a Clinic Director who is in charge of running clinic and making sure everything runs smoothly. They must provide the volunteer dentist with a parking pass, accompany the dentist to SDSU dental clinic, make sure students sign in the clinic binder and set up/break down the dental room. If for any reason a Clinic Director is unable to run the clinic, they must inform the Coordinators ahead of time and find a replacement for that day.

1.      Obtain parking pass for volunteer dentist from Abygail or Hunter

2.      Find out who the volunteer dentist is for the day you will be director:

Wednesdays                            12pm-1pm                  Dr. Olinger

Thursdays                                1pm-2pm                    Dr. Raschke

Tuesdays                                 1pm- 2pm                  Dr. Berrick
(check blackboard for detailed Clinic Schedule)

Volunteer dentist will be given the contact information for their Clinic Directors so that if they are unable to attend, they will be able to reach you.

3.      Inform front desk that you are the clinic director for the Preventive Dentistry Class

4.      Set up the room (refer to photos below): Place basic dental instruments and gloves on countertop

Tools should be in cabinet directly behind patient chair. If not, ask someone at the front desk.

5.      Obtain Clinic Binder and Mr. Mouth and Mrs. Toothbrush located in or near the cabinet on the left hand side of the patient chair.

-sign in and have other students sign in
-initiate Hygiene Presentations (they can be presented to patients or to each other)
 -make sure they write down that they did a presentation in the folder

6.      Meet dentist at parking area of the Calpulli Center (you can take the elevator to Parking (P) level) and direct dentist to dental clinic on the 3rd floor

7.      Once patient arrives, introduce volunteer dentist to patient.

8.      Break down of room (refer to photos below):  Wear gloves. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the counter tops, chair or anything that was used.

Bring used tools to the sterilization room (the open room on the left hand side of all the dental chairs/rooms). Place used instruments in a sterilization bag and then in the “Non-Sterile Instruments” tub.

9.      Return binder, Mr. Mouth and Mrs. Toothbrush to cabinet

                     Questions? Contact class coordinators