AADSAS Application Assignment


This application should be filled out before January 31, 2011 because the application goes off-line officially on February 1, 2011.

1)      Go to https://portal.aadsasweb.org/

2)      Click Create New Account tab.

3)      Create an account. You may fill out as much information as you feel is necessary. Please do not fill out your Social Security Number. If you are required to in order to create an account, please black-out or white-out the number once you print the application.

4)      There will be an application checklist. Once you fill out information in a certain section of the application, that application part will be checked and you are able to follow your progress.

5)      You DO NOT need to complete anything under Application Status.

6)      There is AADSAS help located on the left side of the web page that can be used during any part of the application process.

7)      DO NOT E-Submit!

Applicant Information

Biographical Information:

1)      The first section you must fill out is the Biographical Information. Click on that section. You will see a section with empty blanks.

2)      There are required fields, such as name, address, place of birth and citizenship. If you feel uncomfortable filling any of these sections out please contact your co-coordinators and inform them of which sections you will leave blank.

3)      Click Save after completing this section.

Parent and Family Information:

1)      This section is about your parent and family information. Although your information will remain confidential, you may contact your co-coordinators about leaving this section blank. Yet we encourage filling this part out and gaining the experience of filling out the application.

2)      Fill out the required fields.

3)      Click Save after completing this section.

Background Information:

1)      This section will ask some personal questions that you may decline to answer for this class. The questions that ask about manual dexterity, relatives in the dental profession , and other languages spoken should be answered.

2)      Please fill out the blanks according to the amount of characters allowed in complete sentences with correct punctuation and grammar.

3)      Click Save after completing section.


Disadvantaged Status:

1)      You may leave this section blank, but it is a good practice to look at this section and decide how to answer the questions asked.

2)      Click Save if you fill in this section.


Secondary (High) School Information:

1) Fill in the blanks for your high school information.

2)Click Save after completing section.

Colleges Attended:

1) Click Add New Entry.

2) Submit the college(s) that you have attended.

3)Click Save after completing section.


1) We recommend opening your webportal Unofficial Transcript in one window or tab, and having your AADSAS application on another window or tab to make this section be easier to complete.

2) Click Add New Session. Use the drop down menus to choose the correct information.

3) Add your courses. And remember to save accordingly.

4) Add other sessions. Also add the session you are enrolled in currently. These sessions should appear as Planned/In Progress.

5) Click Save after completing in section.

Professional Experience:

1) This section holds some of the most individualistic aspects of your application. It is important to list all of your information in a professional, intellectual, and detailed way.

2) When filling out this section remember there is a limit of 5 spaces available for your activities and experiences. If your experiences exceed the amount of space provided, try to combine certain experiences that are related. 

3) To begin filling out this section, click Add New Entry and choose a drop down menu option.

4) Click Save after completing in section.

Personal Statement:

            Leave this section blank, unless you have a personal statement that you would wish to upload.

1) To upload your personal statement, open your document in a notepad on your computer then copy and paste out of the notepad and copy into the text box provided. There is a character limit of 4500.

Evaluators (LOE Matching Form):

            Leave this section blank.


Release Statements:

            Leave this section blank.

Dental School Designations:

            Leave this section blank


Application Printing

When you are finished with your application, then you may print the application. You can save paper by selecting the Print Application tab on the left hand side of the website. The sections will seem different and that is okay.

PRINT TWO COPIES OF YOUR APPLICATION. Print one to turn in January 31, 2011. One copy will turned in as part of your final portfolio. This is the only assignment that will require this much printing this semester. We are trying to reduce our paper usage.