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Biology 340A Preventive Dentistry

Learning Objectives:

Students will meet and build a network with dentists in the community.

Students will have increased confidence and expertise in presenting oral hygiene demonstrations.

Students will gain a greater knowledge of dental technology and terminology.

Students will obtain hands-on experience with basic dental procedures.

Students will create a support/mentoring system.

Students will develop as dental leaders through apprenticeships in key positions for the following semester.

Students will obtain insight to become future compassionate dentists through opportunities for community service.

Apprenticeship Positions: Apprentices earn regular Biol 340A credit, but are being trained as directors for the following semester. Students who apply to be apprentices are expected to apply for the directorships and enroll in the two-unit, letter-grade, Biol 340B class the following semester in the positions for which they were trained. The Class Coordinator 2 position serves as an apprenticeship for Class Coordinator 1 although Biol 340B credit is given for both positions.