Preprofessional Health Advising Office



1) Oral Hygiene Presentations
Students will give oral hygiene presentations at the regular trips. These presentations will present proper brushing and flossing techniques and address common oral diseases. Student will receive points for each presentation which will contribute to the required 98 points to receive a grade of CR.

2) Class Sessions (minimum required for credit in course)
Students are encouraged to attend all regular Preventive Dentistry class sessions held on Mondays 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Students may may have one unexcused absence and still earn the minimum of 98 points to receive a grade of CR.

3) Observation in a Dental Office
Students will be required to observe in dental offices. Only one student should observe at a time, and the appointment should be made well in advance to accommodate the dentist’s schedule. At the end of the observation time, students must have the dentist fill out the Observation Evaluation form. These forms can be downloaded from the Blackboard website or by clicking on the following link: Observation Evaluation Form. When you are observing in a dental office, be sure to dress professionally. Click here for recommended conduct and dress.

4) Field Trips (minimum required for credit in course)
In order to receive credit in the course, students are required to attend three dental club field trips each semester, but are encouraged to attend more trips. Two to three trips are offered to each of the following locations each semester: T.R.A.C.E., preschool or elementary schools, and other trips set up by Community Outreach. Students must attend trips in at least two categories. Before attending any trip for SDSU, students must sign a Release and Waiver Form and drivers must sign an Organization/Driver Insurance Release form. These trips are fun and rewarding and allow students to interact with potential patients and teach about proper oral hygiene.

5) Oral Hygiene Quiz (passing grade required for credit in course)
Students will be given an oral hygiene and anatomy quiz. Students must earn a passing score of 80% or better in order to receive credit for the course.

6) Service Learning Reflection Paper (passing grade required for credit in course)
Students will complete a minimum two-page paper delineating their experience on two or more trips into the community to provide oral hygiene education. Students will describe their experiences and how they felt those experiences impacted them, their community, and their future as a dental professional. Papers will be submitted through Blackboard Turnitin.