Biology 531

Cuyamaca / Laguna Mountain Field Trip - 6 May 2006

Sniffing Pinus jeffreyi bark: vanilla or butterscotch?

Turkey along the trail to Azalea Creek

On Trail back from Azalea Creek. Stonewall Mountain in the background. From left to right:
Liz, Chritina S., Christina B. Melody (front), Laura, Kelly, Leilani, Francis (front) Edithza, Shahan, Dru, Kathryn (hiding in back), Roger, Alexa, Nuri, Matt, Adrianna, Traighe (hiding in back), Jonathan, Kasey & Kevin (or Kevin & Kasey)

At Pinus quadrifolia site. From left to right:
Adrianna (hiding), Christina B., K#1, Melody, Edithza, K#2, Liz, Dru, Christina S., Laura, Francis, Matt,
Shahan, Jonathan, Nuri, Alexa, Roger, Traighe, Leilani