Xylococcus bicolor

Xylococcus bicolor Nuttall

Mission Manzanita

Protologue: Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., n.s., 8: 259 (1842)

Pronunciation: Xy-lo-cóc-cus bì-co-lor
Etymology: xylon, wood + kokkos/coccus, berry + "two-colored"

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Xylococcus bicolor leaves
Xylococcus bicolor
Leaves are whitish tomentose abaxially, green and glabrous adaxially. Note bicolored fruits, red and green.

Xylococcus bicolor flowers
Xylococcus bicolor
Flower corollas are urceolate (urn-shaped).

Xylococcus bicolor
Xylococcus bicolor
The bark is smooth, red-brown, resembling Arctostaphylos, to which it is closely related.

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