Salvia mellifera

Salvia mellifera Greene

Black Sage

Protologue: Pittonia 2: 236 (1892)

Pronunciation: Sál-vi-a mel-lí-fera
Etymology: "to save" + "honey-bearing"

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Salvia mellifera in the field  Salvia mellifera in the field 2
Salvia mellifera
A woody shrub, common member of coastal sage scrub community in San Diego County and adjacent regions.

Salvia mellifera leaf close-up  Salvia mellifera leaf close-up 2
Salvia mellifera
Leaves are opposite, like viturally all family members. Note the rugose leaf surface and crenate to crenulate margins.

Salvia mellifera verticillaster
Salvia mellifera
Close up of the verticillaster, a type of thyrse having very congested cymes (flowers appear whorled at nodes).

Salvia mellifera flower cross-section  Salvia mellifera ovary close-up
Salvia mellifera

Left: Flower cross-section, showing ring of hairs within corolla, pistil with superior ovary, club-shaped staminode,
and jointed anther connective bearing one theca.
Right: Ovary close-up, showing 4 lobes and gynobasic style, typical of family.

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