Ceanothus tomentosus

Ceanothus tomentosus Parry


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Protologue: Proc. Davenport Acad. Nat. Sci. 5: 190 (1889)
Pronunciation: Ce-a-nò-thus to-men-tò-sus
Etymology: Gr. keanothus, name used for some spiny plant + tomentose, with dense, interwoven trichomes

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Ceanothus tomentosus
Plant a shrub, this one growing following a burn.

Ceanothus tomentosus
Note reddish stems and 3 major veins from base of blade.

Ceanothus tomentosus
Note stipules and denticulate leaf margin.

Ceanothus tomentosus
Close-up of purplish flowers.

Ceanothus tomentosus
Flower close-ups. Note deltate, incurved sepals and spatulate, horizontal petals.
Stamens are antipetalous, typical of the family. Right: Note brownish, disciform nectary at apex of hypanthium.

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