Field Botany of San Diego County

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Field Botany Class of 2020. Cowles Mountain, 8 Feb 2020.
Front row (sitting or kneeling), left to right: Justin Coppola, Tawni Gotbaum (front), Susan French (back), Desiree Johnson, Cody Schaaf, Colton Kegeler, Amy Orduño-Baez, Paulette Morales, Tammy Bowser, Susan Krzywicki (in back, yellow shirt), Heather Hughes (in back, green shirt), Karen Parke (in front), Christina Montell (in front), Casey Woodall (in back).
Back row (standing), left to right: Stacy Anderson, Stephanie Shigematsu [née Bise], Sarah McCutcheon, Austin Yu, Miguel Huerta, Camron Davis, Louisa Lorenzo, Samuel O'Dell, Kyle Gunther, Erica Harris, Nicolette (Nikki) Gordon, Brandon Stidum, Alejandro (Alex) Flores.
Not pictured: Bianca Bonilla, Jesus Martinez.

Field Botany Class of 2020. Old Mission Dam area, Mission Trails Regional Park, 22 Feb 2020.
Well, we got about 1.5 hours before the rain hit.